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The photographs used in my books, as well as others in site and blog, were taken by myself. The painted rocks, wood plates, and portraits below were also created by myself over a period of the last eight years, as were the four pics of rocks above.

This blog is a tool for communication with regards to my books and other public activities. My Platform is to always be "thought-provoking", for an individual experierence unique to the reader.

 A Celtic celebration, Mystic Dance cd, by Maggie Sansone  She uses an instrument called the Hammered Dulcimer (looks a bit like a small flat harp).  the sound is truly unique.  The combination of ancient music and this instrument is beautiful beyond words.


This "purple poppy" quilt was made by an owner of a gift shop in Maryland. The painted wood pieces are by Mom Ripley.



The art of quilt making.  Amy has been creating these tapestries for some time.  Below is her latest piece.  Quilt making was an art that has served many purposes. In the past their were codes created within the design patterns that readied the slaves for their upcoming escape.  Read more regarding this interesting subject/art of Quilt Making 

The tapestry is another piece done by Mom Ripley and the quilt by Amy.


Kim Hartt,
Mar 9, 2010, 3:30 AM