Working Papers:
Small world of Global Marine Fisheries
with Nandini Ramesh (Columbia), James Rising (UC, Berkeley) and Denyse Dookie (Columbia)

Climate Variability's Effects on Fishing and Labor in New England

Inferring spatio-temporal anchoveta stocks using catch series and plankton measurements
with James Rising (UC, Berkeley)

In Progress:

Meng, Kyle C., Kimberly L. Oremus and Steve Gaines. 2016.
New England Cod Collapse and the Climate
PLOS ONE, 11(7). 

Oremus, Kimberly L., L. Suatoni, and B. Sewell. 2014. 
The requirement to rebuild US fish stocks: Is it working?
Marine Policy, 47:71-56.

Brunner, R., F. Ali, C.C. Ambel, P. Aquino, K. Bautista, B. Bendandi, A. Karpati, K. Lai,
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Back to its roots: REDD+ via the Copenhagen Accord
Reconsidering Development Journal, 1(1).