Assistant Professor, School of Marine Science and Policy and Department of Economics, University of Delaware, 2018-Present


Beijer Young Scholar, Beijer Institute, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 2019 – Present

Faculty Affiliate, Department of Economics, University of Delaware, 2019 – Present

Faculty Affiliate, Biden School, University of Delaware, 2020 – Present

Previous Appointment:

Postdoctoral Scholar, Sustainable Fisheries Group, Bren School, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2017-2018


Ph.D. Sustainable Development, Columbia University, 2017

M.P.A. Environmental Science and Policy, Columbia University, 2011

B.S. Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University, 2005

Research Interests:

Environmental economics and policy, Climate change, International agreements, Fisheries


Oremus, K.L., Bone, J., Costello, C., García Molinos, J., Lee, A., Mangin, T. & Salzman, J. "Governance challenges for tropical nations losing fish species due to climate change." Nature Sustainability 3, 277-280 (2020).

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Working Papers:

"Regulating Biological Resources: Lessons from Marine Fisheries in the United States," with E. Frank (U Chicago)

“Inferring spatio-temporal anchoveta stocks using catch series and plankton measurements,” with J. Rising (LSE)

Invited Conferences and Presentations:

2020: ASSA Annual Meeting, San Diego, “Regulating Biological Resources: Lessons from Marine Fisheries in the United States”

2019: Center for Environmental Economics and Policy, Columbia University, "Confronting the Challenge of Fisheries Governance in Tropical Regions"

2019: Beijer Institute, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, "International Fish Networks"

2018: Department of Economics, University of Delaware, "Climate's impact on livelihoods in New England Fisheries"

2018: Sustainable Development Research Symposium, Columbia University, "The value of transboundary fishing agreements under climate change"

2017: School of Marine Science and Policy, University of Delaware, "Fishery management in a dynamic environment "

2016: American Geophysical Union Ocean Sciences Meeting, “New England cod collapse and climate”

2014: SmarterCape Economic Summit, “Atlantic cod collapse and climate”

2013: American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, “The requirement to rebuild US fish stocks: Is it working?”

Popular Science:

Oremus, K.L. & Birkenbach, A. “Fisheries Have a Data Infrastructure Problem.” Nature Sustainability: World Oceans Day 2020. (2020).

Oremus, K.L.Making Fisheries a Part of Climate Talks.” Nature Sustainability: Behind the paper. (2020).

Ramesh, N., Oremus, K. L., & Rising, J. A. “A Connected Ocean: Drifting Fish Larvae Bind Nations' Marine Territories.” TheScienceBreaker. (2020).

Ramesh, N., Rising, J. A. & Oremus, K. L. Fish larvae float across national borders, binding the world’s oceans in a single network.” The Conversation. (2019).

Referee Service: Frontiers in Marine Science, Marine Resource Economics, Nature Sustainability, Science

Teaching Experience:

Economics Coupling Human and Natural Systems, graduate, University of Delaware (2019-Present)

Marine Environmental Studies (capstone course), undergraduate, University of Delaware (2021-Present)

Environmental Economics, graduate, University of Delaware (2022-Present)