Assistant Professor        School of Marine Science and Policy, College of Earth, Ocean and Environment, University of Delaware, 2018-

    Beijer Young Scholar      Beijer Institute, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 2019-
    Research Collaborator   Environmental Markets Solutions Lab, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2018-  

Previous Appointment:
    Postdoctoral Scholar      Sustainable Fisheries Group, Bren School, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2017-2018

    Ph.D.                                Sustainable Development, Columbia University
    M.Phil, M.A                     Sustainable Development, Columbia University
    M.P.A.                              Environmental Science and Policy, Columbia University
    B.S.                                   Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University

Research Interests:
Natural resource economics and policy, Climate change, International agreements, Fisheries

Ramesh, N., J. Rising and K.L. Oremus. Accepted. "The Small World of Global Marine Fisheries: The Cross-Boundary Consequences of Larval Dispersal." Science
Meng, K.M., K.L. Oremus, and S.D. Gaines. 2016. “New England cod collapse and the climate.” PLOS ONE, 11(7)
Oremus, K.L., L. Suatoni, and B. Sewell. 2014. “The requirement to rebuild US fish stocks: Is it working?” Marine Policy, 47(C):71-75.
Brunner, R., F. Ali, C.C. Ambel, P. Aquino, K. Bautista, B. Bendandi, A. Karpati, K. LaiJ. Barbour-McKellar, M. Roos, N. Rudder, E. Soergel and N. Valencia. 2010. “Back to its roots: REDD+ via the Copenhagen Accord.” Reconsidering Development Journal, 1(1).

Working Papers:
"Climate reduces employment in New England fisheries"
“Inferring spatio-temporal anchoveta stocks using catch series and plankton measurements,” with James Rising (LSE)

Invited Conferences and Presentations:
2018: Economics Seminar, University of Delaware, "Climate's impact on livelihoods in New England fisheries"
2018: Sustainable Development Research Symposium, Columbia University, "The value of transboundary fishing agreements under climate change"
2017: School of Marine Science and Policy, University of Delaware, "Small world of global marine fisheries"
2016: American Geophysical Union Ocean Sciences Meeting, “New England cod collapse and climate”
2014: SmarterCape Economic Summit, “Atlantic cod collapse and climate”
2013: American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, “The requirement to rebuild US fish stocks: Is it working?”

Fellowships and Leadership:
2018: Lead organizer, Women in Sustainable Development Conference, Columbia University
2016-2017: Dissertation Fellowship, Columbia University
2011-2016: Faculty Fellowship, Columbia University
2014: Lead organizer, 4th Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Workshop in Sustainable Development, Columbia University
2013-2014: President, Sustainable Development Doctoral Society, Columbia University  

Referee Service: Science, Marine Resource Economics

Teaching Experience:
Instructor, Economics Coupling Human and Natural Systems, graduate, University of Delaware (Spring, 2019)
Teaching Assistant, Environmental Science for Sustainable Development, Ph.D., Columbia University, New York (Fall, 2014 and 2015)
Instructor, Analytics for Environmental Science and Policy, graduate, Columbia University, New York (Summer, 2013 and 2014)
Teaching Assistant, Environmental Science for Sustainable Development, graduate, Columbia University, New York (Fall, 2013)
Teaching Assistant, Environmental Science for Sustainable Development, undergraduate, Columbia University, New York (Fall, 2012)