KillWare I

Dedicated to the Linux people's revolution and Linux users everywhere...

and with special thanks to Nguyen Tan Thanh, Tran Thi Mong Linh, Nguyen Tran Hai Uyen, Nguyen Tran Hai Yen, and Nguyen Thien Quang.

KillWare II: The Wastes

For their inspiration and encouragement, to all the dogs at the vampnet xnet virtualphilosophy eboard community TheChateau--Synful (aka synthia42, aka little sister syn and eboard mistress), darksoul_7, Gregoriah, BlackjackII, Tashbaan, Phantom Harlock, Remnant of Israel, xXCloakedMysteryXx, Sweetest Insanity, DarkChristian, Apis4, TiffanyRose, TheWingLessAngel, jellybeen, MorbidAngel81, et al... Especially to the memory of mysticnight, who passed away from cancer on September 30, 2002. May she RIP.

KillWare III: The Accidental Prisoner

to tireless wastelands webmaster eric xian von foerster—
thanks for introducing me to the cognitive-perceptual
condition called synesthesia
to linus torvalds & all the unsung gifted heroes of the
GNU/linux and opensource (FLOSS – free libre open
source software) communities in the electronic wastelands
of the 21st century
and to gifted & talented at-risk young homosapients
everywhere—who don't need to evolve but should just be
allowed the opportunity
to shine.

KillWare III - acknowledgements

thanks to all my faithful readers and literary critics: 
first and foremost my beloved wife and artistic sponsor 
janet l kragen; my dear daughter colleen; my two brothers 
geoff kragen (and his lovely bride janette) & lance kragen; 
my dear mom treva viola (w/90 years of life at her beck & 
call who now lives the next life, forever, without the aid of 
“noninvasive” implants); life-long friends mark & peggy 
schultz and family; my very gifted buddy nathan abell; and 
likewise gifted tech advisor eric von forester; without all of 
you, i’d have a story, but i would not have a story that 

thank you to the garbologists at the university of 
washington, seattle, for their invaluable resources and
pioneering work at 'the uw garbology project' 

special thanks to bob howard and mona grant; without 
you two having lived it, this writer would be...well, 
nowhere. let’s do beer sometime, guys. 

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