University of Alabama at Birmingham

Upper level courses

Su19: Philosophy of Religion

S19: Meaning of Life

F18: Epistemology

Su18: Philosophy of Religion

S18: Searching for Understanding

F17: Philosophy of Science

F17: Evidence and Belief in a Post-Truth Society (team taught course for University Honors Program)

Su17: Philosophy of Religion

S17: Epistemology

S17: Meaning of Life

F16: Fight the Power: Exploring Political Authority

Su16: Philosophy of Religion

S16: Epistemology & Philosophy of Science: Ockham's Razor

S16: Philosophy in Film

F15: Meaning of Life

Su15: Philosophy of Religion

S15: Knowing in a Social World

F14: Epistemology

Su14: Philosophy of Religion

F13: Philosophy of Science

F12: Epistemology

Introductory level courses

I regularly teach introduction to philosophy and occasionally teach contemporary moral issues and bioethics.

Wireless Philosophy

Here's a link to a video I worked on explaining the epistemic regress problem for Wireless Philosophy: