Plans & Projects

If you would like to see drafts, feel free to contact me at:

mccain [at] uab [dot] edu

Current Projects

1) Explanationism and Understanding (with Miloud Belkoniene)

In this paper we argue that explanationism provides the tools for developing an attractive account of understanding. (Draft available)

2) Forgetting Memory Skepticism (with Matthew Frise)

In this paper we argue that an important form of memory skepticism has been overlooked. We also argue that explanationism provides a plausible response to this threat. (Draft available)

3) Epistemic Duty: New Arguments/New Angles

Edited collection on epistemic duty that I'm putting together with Scott Stapleford for Routledge.

4) Bound by the Evidence (with Scott Stapleford)

In this paper we argue that in addition to our epistemic obligation to believe in accordance with our evidence we also have an imperfect duty to reflect upon our evidence. (Draft coming soon)

Coming Soon

1) Edited volume on Epistemic Dilemmas (with Scott Stapleford and Matthias Steup)

Planned completion in 2020 & planned publication 2021.

2) Wisdom

My Fall 2019 research leave is focused on researching wisdom and developing two new articles on related topics.

3) Appearance and Explanation (with Luca Moretti)

Monograph focused on explanationism and phenomenal conservatism.