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With Google Sites, users can create custom webpages for all sorts of uses. 

Picking a Template

There are a lot of templates to choose from. Along with default templates created by Google, there are also user-submitted templates. Really proud of your page design? You can submit it as a public template viewable here.

Google Sites template selector

The Classroom Template:
This template is especially useful for teachers. 


Google Calendar

My Class Calendars

Drive Files

Google A-Z

Yes, even files like videos...

KerooSeta Themesong.wmv


How to Make a Wiki with Google Sites


Brenham High School

Google + Posts (Public Only)

Google+ Post

Speaking of that social network that we all totally use, here's a +1 button with click counter:


Here's my own teacher site. I made it from scratch and then shared the template publicly:

Here's a project my 11th grade U.S. History and Dual Credit U.S. History classes recently did using Google Sites: