LifeBoat Safety


updated June 09

 Kennebec Captain Posts

Irrelevant Training on Obsolete Open Lifeboats

Lifeboats and Car Ships - Unsafe at any Height

MAIB Lifeboat Drill Accidents   Review of LifeBoat and Launching Systems Accidents published in 2001 - Recomends IMO review lifeboat safety. Asks Are Lifeboats necessary (42 page pdf file)

Lifeboat Safety A blog post from the Moniter

 Diesel Duck page on Lifeboat Safety

IMO Measures to Prevent Accidents With Lifeboats
(PDF) MSC 1206 26 May 2006

IMO Guidelines for Developing Operation and Maintenance Manuals for Lifeboat systems (PDF) MSC 1205 26 May 2006