Deer and More

Buck Wall
These 35 deer were all harvested by Steve Kennamer.  33 of the deer came from within 2 miles from Steve’s home.  The two mule deer were taken on a hunt in Wyoming.  One was taken by Steve, the other one by his wife, Cheryl
Bragging  Corner
The support for the mantle is one tree sawn in half.  Steve found this tree on his property and turned in into a unique mantle.  The photos on the mantle are prints of a painting done by Cathy, his cousin, of his grandparents, Dent and Nora Kennamer.  His hat and cane are also there.  The hand-painted rug was done by Debbie McBride and Cheryl Kennamer.  Of course, Debbie was the teacher, and Cheryl the student.  Debbie visualized the rug, and together they completed this rug.  It is a cozy place to sit and relive good memories.
The Upper Room
Many have commented that this room could be used for church services.  With the stone and vertical logs, it does resemble the front of a church.  The floor is poplar.  The walls are cedar.  Many people like the rustic look of the cedar planks along the lower wall, which were sawn with the raw edges still showing.  They were nailed to a cedar background.  At this time, we are unsure as to the use of this room, but, I am sure it will come to us.