hoax busting

When you receive a virus or danger warning or email letter-writing campaign pleas from friends or acquaintances: check out the listed sites on this page before passing along these "warnings" or "pleas." One of the problems with these hoaxes is that they are massive email and Internet clogging devices, multiplying exponentially!

Therefore, go to one or more of the websites listed on this page to evaluate these kinds of emails, e-urban legends or hoaxes before passing them along to all your friends in you address book. You don't want to accidentally send a hoax or a virus along to everyone you know.

Instead of accidentally passing on junk/scam/hoax emails, if you really want to help your friends, a good thing to pass on to all of them is the links to these sites (or direct them to this webpage), so they too can avoid perpetuating massive junk-email scams and hoaxes, or passing on viruses. Please, help keep the Internet hoax-free.

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useful links

Top Non-commercial Sites:
Hoax-Slayer -- Brett Christensen, Australia

The Feds:
US Computer Emergency Readiness Team
(from your favorite government offices at U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team)
FBI-NW3C Internet Crime Center
FBI Cyber Investigations & E-Scams Center

FREE Virus, Spyware, Adware Protection:
AVAST! Home Anti-Virus
Ad-Aware SE by Lavasoft
MOZILLA Firefox (web) / Thunderbird (email) / Seamonkey (both)
Mozilla/Seamonkey/Firefox BackUp Utility

linux legends & software

Ubuntu Linux 
The Linux Foundation - Home of Linus Torvalds