K D Kragen has been the Managing Editor for Scandia Patch Press since 1995. Below is a brief history and a look at the future for Scandia Patch Press.

Scandia Patch Press began in 1995, in the kitchen of a hundred year old farm house in Scandia, WA USA. The house sits on a small farm called "Scandia Patch," owned and run by Dwight and Pauline Droz. Scandia Patch Press started with the technical vision of Don Taylor, the editing artistry of K D Kragen, and the words and poetry of Dwight and Pauline Droz. Soon other talented individuals joined the team: Jerry George, photo restoration expert and cover design artist, Janet Kragen, artist, and Lance Kragen, audio CD book production expert.

With production of the series, Culture On The Cuff, by Dwight R. Droz, Scandia Patch Press joined up with Lightening Source, Inc. (a subsidiary of Ingram Industries, Inc.), to become one of the first small presses utilizing the new and revolutionary publishing technology "Print On Demand" or P.O.D. (visit Lightning Source on the web to learn more about P.O.D.). Finally, in 2004, we produced the work of our first new author, Geoffrey Carroll Kragen, Sr. 

Utilizing new technology, as well as proven methods from the past, Scandia Patch Press helped to redefine what the small press is all about.

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