Dr. Kasey C. Soska, Ph. D.
Science Director, Play & Learning Across a Year (PLAY) Project
Institute of Human Development & Social Change, New York University

Ph. D., Experimental/Developmental Psychology, 2010, New York University
M. A., Psychology, 2008, New York University
B. S., Psychology, 2005, Penn State University

My research investigates how exploration and attention develop and, in turn, drive learning in perception and cognition. The ideas are inspired by a developmental systems approach, which emphasizes the study of change processes. I use novel methods, including remote and head-mounted eye tracking, computerized video coding, and open data sharing tools to study:
  • Multisensory exploration and attention in infancy
  • Coordination across perceptual and action systems
  • Opportunities for learning in natural environments
  • Developmental cascades across domains