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To pay Membership Dues of $75.00 per year.

If you will be running credit reports, Federal Law requires that you have an on-site inspection of your place of business to ensure that you comply with privacy laws regarding handling of private information such as Social Security Numbers and credit reports.  The cost of this inspection is $65.00 and is payable to Landlords along with your dues.  If you do not have an immediate need for credit reports you can wait and schedule this inspection when you get ready to run reports.

Call the office 816-753-2606
To pay by credit card.

Make check payable to Landlords Inc.
Mail To:
P.O. Box 10425
KC MO 64171

Or Bring Into The Office (during COVID you'll need to make an appointment to come into the office.  Send us an e-mail to set a time)
Office: (816) 753-2606
VFW Building
406 W 34th St
Suite 628
Kansas City, MO. 64111

Use the button below to pay online.

Pay Membership Fee Online $75
Optional:  Pay $65.00 On-Site Inspection Fee
if running credit reports