I used to not be for $ale, but now that I know better, here are...

groups to be part of, or ideas to sell

1-uplifting, dharmic living (to peace, harmony, happiness), like a brahmin

2-environment protection (and rehabilitation), including reverse migration from urban to rural (like from permacultural view), like a kshatriya

3-healing, health education, patient empowerment, toward less unnatural dependencies, like a vaishya

specially for educators and learners


+Nature / Nature-oriented/-balanced living (e.g. permaculture, rather than continued (contribution to) destruction of environment, and at expense of our own insecure egos)

+dharma / doing duty (with nature-intended/-fitting work)

+good cooperation

+people that are having resonating dharma, good, "free-spirited," positive, funny


main cultural influences that helped shape me

(and considering at what koshas of "me", to what extent is it you too?):


-suburban man-made environment, Economy dependent on fossil fuel and other environmentally unsustainable energies

-competitive sports and academics

-internationally powerful usa military and economy

-powerful education system

-medias like video games, television, music, movies, etc.

-indian diaspora and hinduism/chinmayamission/tirupati venkateshwara, shirdi sai baba

-african diaspora and hip hop/rap forms

-this wwweb

-common/external, grosser Science

-mexican diaspora and labor/work significance/energies


focusing especially on deeper-level of health

~ other links to me on more popular part of the web (not really use much) ~

for USA military & similar trouble-makers, and most of us impacted by that

education and work social contribution

from/in www reach out

taboo, 6ad, but troo


there's politicians, business-/sales-people, and the like
but some of us (including me sometimes) are less aware
about how to present themselves (in normal/p.c. ways)
to others (especially in conditions that favor strangers' culture)