I teach lessons in Violin and Improvisation. I also teach Improvisation Workshops, and coach Bands and Ensembles. I have done so for many years now.

Please call +46(0)73873 47 48 if you want to study or set up a workshop!

And for you brave souls who have just taken up the violin:

Here are some nice violin teaching links for Total Beginners (all in the USA, because that is where I was last teaching adult beginners). Aside from this? Friends are everywhere if you look! Play every day and make friends! Listen to what you love best!

Violin Masterclass- a very traditional, classical violin site- lots of helpful video lessons for folks trying to work out the particulars of playing western classical music!

Open Songbook Project- I am so inspired by my friend Tim Roust. He makes musical gatherings amongst folks, brings easy instruments for them as didn't bring or have one, and has everyone just sit together and learn simple tunes, wailing away whilst getting them under the fingers. He's a one man walking free school. . . . here is a wonderful resource for beginners in many instruments and musics- I am contributing to it as well!

Intro to Reading Music- an online guide to reading music. Anyone can do it- it used to be a staple of teaching in the public schools, and lot's more people knew how. If you can read and write music, you can learn more songs, write more complex and varied charts, and have access and literacy in a whole amazing aspect of the world. Check it out!

Free Improvisation- this is much of what I do- and this is the opinion of a man named Derek Baily-- there are many, many more- and often conflicting- opinions as well-do a google search on it!

ABCs of Strings- Janice Tucker Rhoda teaches beginning violin classes all around Boston- this is her book, which i found to be helpful when i taught at BCAE.

Lark in the Morning- an amazing mail-order source for any instrument you ever did or did not hear of- also instructional books and videos and such. One of TWO places I EVER will allow anyone studying with me to order a student fiddle from in the mail-- look out! lot's of fly by NIGHT individuals will SCAM you with a yucky fiddle if you're not careful- but these guys you can trust!

Shar Music- a string instrument warehouse- and the ONLY other place i recommend for mail-order purchase of a new student fiddle(there may be more, but these are the ones I've had personal experience with- let me know if you know of more!) Lots and lots of sheet music and instructional books, too!

NEFFA- stands for New England Folk Festival Association. If you are just learning abotu folk music, this is a place you MUST go. You will see all the DANCES associated with the tunes you are learning, and there will be mroe friendly players to exchange music and ideas with than you can shake a stick at. Also tons of people selling recordings, books, and other instructional materials.

Maqam- this is a site with books about Arabic music and related topics for sale.

Balkan Music Sheet Archive- one band's little archive of balkan tunes- a good start if you want to check out this amazing music.

Sanger's Guide to Learning Irish Fiddle- some nice person put this nice site up-- it was recommended by a friend o'mine