My website went down,so I have returned to this one from 2016 while I affact repairs.An updated list of compositions is coming soon!

Here is a list of recent compositions:

Ghost Prelude (Pipe Organ: written score and collection of recordings for use as improvisation structure, composed in collaboration with Karin Johansson) - 2017

Walter Benjamin in Ulvsunda (Voice, Violin, and fixed media built from Buchla modular system at KMH and violin, played using live diffusion) - 2017

Skogen är bäst på bild (Text-Sound compositions built from interviews, field recordings and the Buchla modular system at Kungl. Musikhögskolan) - 2016

Orogenesis (multi-channel composition built from Buchla and Serge modular systems and four pipe organs at Lund university) - 2016

SO(U)LEN(SKIN(NER) (Solo Violin) - 2015

Deuterium Quartet (site specific piece for Norberg festival's Mimerlaven for 2 hurdy-guries, a nyckelharpa and scordatura violin- commissioned by Stockholm Drone Society) - 2015

Harbred (Sound installation created for Hagenfesten Extensions) - 2015

Mimer: Unsleepless (2 channel tape piece for headphone installation) - 2014

Sånger för Spökkvarteren, Stockholm (8 channel tape piece) - 2014

So(u)lskin(ner) (Solo Violin) - 2014

Norra Bantorget (8 channel tape piece) - 2013

Dissociate - (2 channel tape piece, completed through EMS residency) - 2012