Oriental / Balinese / Siamese Cats (and occasionally Turkish Angoras!)

Here at Kattalyst, we have been raising beautiful pedigreed Oriental, Balinese, and Siamese cats since 1998. We register our cats in both The International Cat Association (TICA) and the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA). We work with several colors, including blue-eyed white, red-factor, and tabbies. 

We are a small cattery located in central New Jersey, whose primary goals are to produce healthy, friendly, beautiful cats for your family and occasionally for the show ring. Each breeding is carefully selected to improve the health, temperament of the breed. Our cats are produced from national and regional winning pedigrees, and we continue to actively compete in the show ring.

Our small program allows us to give the cats the attention they need. Kittens are born and raised in our home, and receive plenty of loving care and gentle handling. Our kittens have exceptional purr-sonalities and make a welcome addition to any family. We are CFA and TICA registered and are located in New Jersey. We hope you will enjoy your visit with us.
GC, BW, NW Kattalyst Persephone's Bees
"Persy" is a dilute calico Oriental Shorthair
11th Best Cat CFA· 3rd Best Cat North Atlantic Region in CFA· Best of Breed CFA (2010-2011)
Sire: GC, RW Kattalyst Jet Stream · Dam: GC Kattalyst Pretty Penny, DM

LA SGC Synergy Spica of Kattalyst
"Spica" is a blue silver spotted Oriental Longhair
18th Best Kitten TICA
· 21st Best Cat Mid Atlantic Region (2014-2015)
Sire: RW DGC Synergy Tarragon of Leafdance 
· Dam: Synergy Scilla
Photos © Larry JohnsonChanan

SGC, RW Kattalyst Doppler Red Shift
"Doppy" is a red silver lynx point Balinese
14th Best Cat Mid Atlantic Region · Best Balinese Mid Atlantic Region (2015-2916)
Sire: LA SGC Synergy Spica of Kattalyst· Dam: GC Topeng Mini Me of Kattalyst
Photos © Larry Johnson,

GC, RW, AW Kattalyst Wild About Harry
"Harry" is a blue-eyed white Oriental Longhair
10th Best Kitten North Alantic Region in CFA · 21st Best Cat North Alantic Region in CFA · 3rd Best of Breed Oriental Longhair in CFA
13th Best Longhair Cat Mid-Atlantic Region in TICA · 2nd Best Solid Oriental Longhair internationally in TICA (2011-2012)
Sire: Synergy Meconopsis of Kattalyst · Dam: CH NuDawnz Jet Lag of Kattalyst
Photo © Chanan

                                                GC Kattalyst Fools Rush In
"Izzy" is a red ticked tabby and white Oriental Shorthair
Photos © Larry Johnson

Izzy with Kittens (Izzy and Trixie kits!)

GC, RW Sinend Hannahanna's Bee of Sadakat

photos @ Larry Johnson

What is this??!! This is not an Oriental cat! BB is a blue-eyed white Turkish Angora, who came to us at about 48 hours old and was raised by GC, BW, NW Kattalyst Persephone's Bees.   BB is co-owned with her breeders. Turkish Angoras are very personable cats who get along wonderfully with slinkies such as Orientals and Siamese. 
 GC, RW Kattalyst Jet Stream
Photo © Chanan

GP Kattalyst Kaliente!

Photo © Karen Krane

GC, RW Kattalyst Wild About Harry and 
GC Kattalyst Wind in the Willows with Dewe Driegen.  
Amica Magazine
Photographed by Chris Craymer
GC, RW Kattalyst Wild About Harry 
with Anderson Cooper (Harry's human doppelganger).

CH Kattalyst Little Thing Called Love
Vogue Magazine May, 2015 Photographed by Steven Meisel

Please consider donating to the Winn Foundation grant for Feline Amyloidosis in Siamese-related breeds.
choose  "I would like to choose a specific purpose or fund" then "Amyloidosis (Siamese Related)" from the drop down menu

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Julie was CFA Breed Council Secretary for the Oriental Breed Council (2006 - 2017)
Julie also is the CFA Breeder's Assistance / Breed Rescue Program Coordinator for the North Atlantic Region
Members of the CFA Oriental, Siamese, and Balinese Breed Councils.
Member of the TICA Oriental Shorthair, Oriental Longhair, Siamese, Balinese and Turkish Angora Breed Sections.

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