Distinguised Merit

Distinguished Merit is the title given to a cat which has produced the required number of Grand Champions, Grand Premiers or Distinguished Merit Cats (5 for females and 15 for males).

Kattalyst Pretty Penny ("Penny")
Red Spotted Tabby OSH (BbDdOO)
(GC Kattalyst Blue Fiesta of Leggs, DM x CH, PR Kattalyst Billabong)
Photograph © Kattalyst
Mother of:
GC, BW, NW Kattalyst Persephone's Bees (Dilute Calico)
GC Kattalyst Pixel Perfect (Ebony Tortie)
GC Kattalyst Wind in the Willows (Green Eyed White)
GC Kattalyst Kalidoscope of Kemage (Chestnut Tortie and White)
GP Kattalyst Flea Byte (Red Spotted Tabby Neuter)
GP Kattalyst Firestarter (Red Ticked Tabby Neuter)

GC Kattalyst Blue Fiesta of Leggs, DM
Blue Cream Female
(CH Kattalyst Phoebe x GC Skatts Red Hot Chilli Pepper of Kattalyst)
Photograph © Kattalyst

Mother of:
GC Leggs Sweet Charity (Ebony and white female)
GC Leggs Antares of Kattalyst (Red Mac Tabby Male)
GC Kattalyst The Fifth Element (Blue Spotted Tabby Female)
GP Kattalyst My Chemical Romance (Chestnut Patched Spotted Tabby)
GP Kattalyst Kaliente! (Red Spotted Tabby Neuter)
GC Kattalyst Pretty Penny, DM (Red Spotted Tabby Female)

Kattalyst Life's A Beach, DM  ("Tina")
Blue Silver Lynx Point OSH (BbddI)
(Kattalyst Malibu x CH Lokikats Diable' Tonnere of Telecats)
Photograph © Chanan

Mother of: 
GC Kattalyst Bleached Blonde (BEW female)
GP Kattalyst Rocket Scientist (BEW neuter)
GP Kattalyst Xenon (BEW spay) 
GP, RW Kattalyst Life's a Bleach (BEW neuter)
GP Kattalyst Newport Bleach (BEW neuter)
GP Kattalyst Kowabunga! (Silver Classic Tabby neuter)
GC Kattalyst Rosarito Beach (Ebony Tortie Smoke female)
GP Kattalyst Cabo San Lucas (Lavender neuter)

CH Algebra's Betsy Ross of Kattalyst, DM
Ebony Silver Mackerel Tabby (BBDDI)
Betsy produced seven CFA grands, including a Regional Winner

Mother of:
GP Kattalyst Pointdexter
GP Kattalyst Sugar S'Max
GP Kattalyst Beautiful Stranger
GC, RW Kattalyst Kattalina Myst
GP Kattalyst Scribbles
GP Kattalyst Sambuca
CH, GP Kattalyst Uncontrollable Reaction (a one-show grand!)