Magic Hammer

This hammer is about 5" (14cm) tall when worked in worsted weight yarn and only takes a couple hour to make.  The perfect size for little hands, it's magic because kids of any age can pound away all day and not drive you quite as crazy!

  • Worsted weight yarn, about 10yd (9m) grey for hammer head and 20yd (18m) for handle.  I used Caron Simply Soft.
  • Size G (4.25mm) hook or hook required for very firm gauge
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Yarn needle
  • Embroidery thread and needle to add child's name (optional)

All abbreviations are for US crochet terms. 

Note: The hammer needs to be worked very tightly and stuffed very firmly to hold its shape during playtime.

In grey yarn, 5 sc in magic circle.
Row 1: Inc around (10)
Row 2: sc tbl (through back loop) (10)
Row 3: sc (10)
Row 4: (dec, 3sc) x 2 tbl (8)
Row 5: sc (10)
Stop and firmly stuff the section made by the first 4 rows.
Row 6: (inc, sc) x 4 (12)
Rows 7-13: sc (12)
Stuff the rest of the piece firmly.
Row 14: dec around tbl (6)
FO.  Add more stuffing if necessary, then sew the opening closed.

In blue yarn, 6 sc in magic circle.  It's easiest if you also add stuffing as you go, up to about 1" below the current row.
Row 1: inc around (12)
Row 2: sc tbl (12)
Rows 3-27: sc (12)
Change to grey yarn.
Row 28: sc (12)
Row 29: (dec, 4sc) x 2 (10)
FO.  Add more stuffing.  The grey end in particular needs to be stuffed firmly so the head won't wobble.  Cut yarn, leaving about an 8" (20cm) tail.

Using the grey yarn end, firmly sew the handle to the hammer head.

Optionally, embroider the child's name on the handle.  Then hammer away!

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