Lemon Shark

  • All pieces are worked in the round, except for part of the body.
  • Specific gauge is unimportant, but the knitting must be tight so the body will hold its shape and stuffing won't escape.
  • Leave long yarn tails on the fin pieces to use for attaching to the body
  • Approx 35yd (32m) yellow yarn, with small amounts of red and white.  (Shown in a lt worsted weight yarn for the yellow body and DK for the mouth.  Different weights of yarn may require different yardages.)
  • Set of DPNs to give tight gauge with selected yarn.
  • 2 safety eyes.
  • Stuffing.
Techniques and abbreviations: Body:
Note: Knit all odd rows unless otherwise noted.
With yellow, cast on 6 stitches use magic circle cast-on.
Rows 1-3: K even
Row 4: (RL, LL) X 3 (12 st)
Row 6: (m1, k3) X 4 (16)
Row 8: (k2, m1, k2) X 4 (20)
Row 10: (m1, k5) X 4 (24)
Row 12: (k3, m1, k3) X 4 (28)
Row 14: (m1, k7) X 4 (32)
Row 16: (k4, m1, k4) X 4 (36)
Row 18: (m1, k9) X 4 (40)
Row 20: k
Row 22: (k5, m1, k5) X 4 (44)
Row 24: k
Row 26: (k2tog, k9) X 4 (40)
Row 27: k

Divide for mouth; turn and work off last stitches knit.  You will be working the jaw flat.
Row 28: p10; turn
Row 29: k1, ssk, k4, k2tog, k1; turn (8 st for jaw)
Row 30: p8; turn
Row 31: k8; turn
Row 32: p1, p2tog, p2, p2tog tbl, p1; turn (6)
Row 33: k6; turn
Row 34: p6; turn
Bind off 6 jaw stitches

Rejoin yarn immediately to the left of the jaw, so the first row will be knit on the right side.  Worked flat (back and forth) until row 36.
Row 28: k1, RL, k2, (k2tog, k8) X 2, k2tog, k2, LL, k1; turn (29 st)
Row 29: p29; turn
Row 30: k1, (k2tog, k7) X 3, k1; turn (26)
Row 31: p1, LL, p22, RL, p1; turn (28)
Row 32: k2, (k3, k2tog, k3) X 3, k2; turn (25)
Row 33: p25; turn
Row 34: k2, (k2tog, k5) X 3, k2; turn (22)
Row 35: p22, cast-on 2st; turn (24)

Resume working in the round, knitting all odd rows plain
Row 36: (k2, k2tog, k2) X 4 (20)
Row 38: (k2tog, k3) X 4 (16)
Row 40: (k1, k2tog, k1) X 4 (12)
Row 42: k2tog X 6 (6)
Rows 43-45: k even
Cut yarn, thread through needle, and pull through all 6 remaining st

Dorsal fin:
With yellow, cast on 4 using magic circle cast-on
Row 1: (Rl, k1) X 2 (6)
Row 2: k
Row 3: (Rl, k2) X 2 (8)
Row 4: k
Row 5: (RL, k3) X 2 (10)
Row 6: k
Row 7: (RL, k4) X 2 (12)
Row 8: k
Row 9: (RL, k5) X 2 (14)
Row 10: m1, k14 (15)
Row 11: RL, k7, RL, k6 (17)
Row 12: m1, k17 (18)
Bind off

Top tail fin:
CO 8, join in round
Rows 1-3: k
Row 4: (k2tog, k2) X 2 (6)
Rows 5-6: k
Row 7: (k2tog, k1) X 2 (4)
Rows 8-9: k
Row 10: k2tog, ssk, pass 1st st over the 2nd
Cut yarn, pull through.

Bottom tail fin:
CO 6, join in round.
Rows 1-3: k
Row 4: (k2tog, k1) X 2 (4)
Rows 5-6: k
Row 7: k2tog, ssk, pass 1st st over the 2nd
Cut yarn, pull through.

Lateral (side) fins (make 2):
CO 12, join in round
Row 1 and all odd rows: k
Row 2: ssk, k3, kf&b in next 2 st, k3, k2tog (12)
Row 4: ssk, k8, k2tog (10)
Row 6: ssk, k2, kf&b in next 2 st, k2, k2tog (10)
Row 8: ssk, k6, kt2tog (8)
Row 10: ssk, k1, kf&b in next 2 st, k1, k2tog (8)
Row 12: ssk, k4, k2tog (6)
Row 14: ssk, k2, k2tog (4)
Row 16: ssk, k2tog, pass 1st st over the 2nd
Cut yarn, pull through.

Mouth inset:
Note: If using yarn the same weight as the body yarn, you may need to change to white yarn and bind off after row 6 or 7 -- check size against the mouth opening in the body

With red yarn, CO 10 st with figure-8 cast-on
Row 1: (k2, p1, k2) X 2 (purl stitch will always be purled for fold line)
Row 2: (k1, m1, k1, m1, p1, k1, m1, k1) X 2 (16)
Row 3: (k4, p1, k3) X 2
Row 4: (k2, m1, k2, p1, m1, k2, m1, k1) X 2 (22)
Row 5: (k5, p1, k5) X 2
Row 6: (m1, k4, m1, k1, p1, k2, m1, k3) X 2 (28)
Row 7: (k7, p1, k7) X 2
Change to white yarn
Bind off as follows: (cast on 2 st using cable cast-on, bind off 3 st (the two just cast on, plus the last st bound off previously), slip st on right-hand needle back to left-hand needle) around until all st bound off.

  1. Place safety eyes if that's what you're using
  2. Partially stuff the body with fiberfill
  3. Pin mouth inset into opening in the body, matching the purled fold line edges to the corner of the mouth
    Lemon Shark in ProgressLemon Shark in Progress
  4. Join the mouth inset to the jaw by working through the back of the teeth and using mattress st to sew through jaw/body.
    Lemon Shark in ProgressLemon Shark in Progress
  5. Before closing the mouth opening, finish stuffing the head and body. I didn't place any stuffing in the lower jaw section.
  6. Attach fins as shown using mattress st and other garment joining techniques.
  7. Secure any yarn ends.

Lemon Shark BellyLemon Shark

3 July 2012

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