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I view psychotherapy as a complex dance between the conscious and unconscious material of both therapist and client. Even the most experienced of clinicians can be impacted personally by issues that arise in therapy with our clients. On those occasions, it is incumbent upon the therapist to seek consultation in order to provide the highest standard of care.

My Experience

I have supervised over a dozen LMFT Associates to independent licensure, as well as provided case consultation to private practitioners on a group and individual basis. I help therapists recognize blindspots that interfere with effective treatment  so that difficult cases become more manageable. I have experience consulting on Axis II issues, as well as complex ethical and professional situations.

My Supervisorial Orientation

Over the past decade I have completed over 28 hours of formal supervision instruction. I have specialized training in Vicarious Traumatization and in the therapeutic traditions that honor the intersubjective field between therapist and client. I recognize the shadow aspect of the counseling profession, as well as the wounding that can occur during the initiatory period. Such wounds can reemerge in therapy and supervision work, clouding professional judgment and leading to negative outcomes.

Professional Gains

In complex ethical situations it is essential to document that one has sought professional consultation. Casual  inter-office consults are often the only opportunity therapists have to weigh in on difficult cases. However, a professional consultation will provide the structure and attention that challenging cases often require. The confidence gained from even a single meeting can make subsequent therapy sessions more effective, improving outcomes for clients, and providing valuable clarity for the therapist. When in doubt -- CONSULT!

What Others Say

"My consultation sessions with Dr. Patton have left me feeling competent and capable. Her deep capactity to listen and mirror provide fertile ground for new insights and ideas to emerge. Dr. Gage's honest disclosure of her clinical triumphs and struggles honors the complexity of both the client and therapist and the psychotherapeutic relationship. Working with Dr. Gage is an integral part of the success of my private practice."

                                         ~Joy Policar Ph.D.

Consultation Fees

$100 for one hour of individual consultation

$150 for two hours of group consultation (2-4 people)

These fees are usually tax deductible as professional business expenses. Consult your tax adviser for more information.