2021 Training Activities.

All scheduled training activities for 2021 have been completed.

ECS Weather Spotter Training. ECS is using the video of a presentation produced by NWS in Norman, OK for spotter training this year. Click Here to view the video. You may view this at your own pace. There are several questions on the Weather Spotting Exam that are taken from material in this video.

NWS Optional Weather Spotting. The NWS Pleasant Hill office hosted a virtual spotter training session on Monday, February 1, 2021 at 7:00 PM.

ECS Optional Weather Spotting. Click here to view a video by Bill KA2FNK and Greg KC0BBQ. This video was produced a couple of years ago and is optional for prospective or existing members.

ECS Protocols Training: (Completed) Protocols training was held via Zoom on Monday, January 25, 2021 .

ECS Protocols Exercise. (Completed) The Protocols Exercise was held via Zoom for 2021. This exercise was conducted in 4 separate but identical sessions.

Weather Spotting and Protocols Testing

Links to the weather spotting exam and protocols test have been removed, as the deadline for completing these exams has passed.

If you still need to complete a makeup exam, please contact

Background Check.
If you were a member in good standing for 2020, you do not need to complete a background check for 2021.

If you were not a member in good standing in 2020, you must submit the background check form directly to the County by February 28, 2021.

Click here to download the background check form and follow the instructions on the form.

Training Requirements

Training requirements differ depending on your ECS membership status. Review the 3 categories below for the training requirements that apply to you. All activities below must be completed by March 31, 2021 (except as noted) to be certified for 2021. If you missed the deadline, contact

(See schedule and other details at left)

1. For those who wish to become a member of ECS for the first time or whose membership has expired/lapsed.

  • Complete your FEMA ICS-100 and 700 courses and submit completion certificates to (links to the FEMA Courses are at the bottom of the "Join" page.)

  • Complete the Member Info Form

  • Pay your membership dues ($5.00) (see below for instructions)

  • Complete the background check form and submit it directly to Johnson County Emergency Management (directions on the form). This step must be completed by February 28 to allow the County time to process the background check.

  • Attend the Protocols Training

  • Attend the Protocols Exercise

  • View the Weather Spotter Training video

  • Complete the Protocols and Weather Spotting tests on-line.

2. For existing members whose certification expires in 2021:

  • Complete the Member Info Form

  • Pay your dues ($5.00) (see below for instructions)

  • Complete the Protocols and Weather Spotting tests on-line.

  • Attend the ECS Protocols Exercise.

Attendance at the Protocols Training, and viewing of the Weather Spotter Training video is optional, but highly recommended.

3. For existing members whose certification expires in 2022:

  • Complete the Member Info Form

  • Pay your dues ($5.00) (see below for instructions)

    Members are encouraged to participate as fully as possible in training activities each year - even if their certification isn't expiring.

Dues Payment

All ECS members must pay annual dues ($5.00) to become or to remain certified. Annual payment of dues is required whether or not you need to recertify.

Dues may be paid as follows:

  • By check made out to "Johnson County ECS" and mailed to:
    Bill Gery KA2FNK, Treasurer
    11208 W 51st Terrace
    Shawnee, KS 66203

  • By PayPal - Click here.

Dues must be paid in full by March 31 of each year.

Amateur Radio Operator Credentialing Requirements and Resource Typing.

Johnson County ECS is a member of the the Metropolitan Emergency Communications Council (MECC) and has coordinated member credentialing requirements and resource typing with other Metro KC emergency communications organizations. All members must be at least Type IV operators. Net controllers must be at least Type III operators. Operators who complete their requirements for membership in ECS (see the Join page) are automatically classified as Type IV operators.

Contact for a summary of the MECC Amateur Radio Operator resource typing categories and requirements.

Click here for access to the FEMA website with the complete list of independent study courses.

ECS members may request an upgrade of their operator classification through the MECC by completing this form and submitting evidence of completion of the required FEMA courses as instructed on the form.