Climate: Fateful Feedback

It troubled me that I did not understand the natural cycle of ice ages. Why is it that across the last million years the world repeatedly warmed so quickly and then took eons to cool? What does the natural cycle portend for our current warming? If we quit belching greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, would the world soon cool off?

I dug into the science. We, our children, our grandchildren, even their children are in for a much warmer future. Later I explored some equations that describe this process.

"take 6.docx" (click link below) is a recent revision in the article "Fateful Feedback" explaining the relevant science.

"dirty ice 2.xlsx" is a spreadsheet that explores the nonlinear equations that relate ice cover, atmospheric carbon-dioxide, and temperature across the last 350,000 years.

"A Spreadsheet Model of Climate Change.docx" is a discussion of the spreadsheet equations, their successes and failures.