Back to Buenos Aires

Local designer Michael Brady (formerly with the Institute of Government) has turned John's emails to friends and family and Pat's photographs into a lovely little book, "Back to Buenos Aires - Reports from 7,000 miles by bus through Argentina and Chile."

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A very personal travelogue, these reports from John and Pat Hartwell's 2014-15 trip through Argentina and Chile were sent to family and friends as the journey unfolded. John wrote and Pat photographed as they explored by bus and stayed in hostels. Upon return, designer Michael Brady assembled the thoughtful commentaries into this delightful volume.

"A wonderful reflective on travel!"--Bolton Anthony

"It has been such a privilege to accompany you on this journey via your thoughtful letters and lovely photos... More the tempo and temperament of pilgrims than of tourists." --Nancy Corson Carter

"Now that was cool!" --John Fairfield

"Thanks for sharing your wise reflections... Such an amazing glimpse into the ways the world works...Thanks so much for your report--in inimitable style--of the places you're discovering and reflections thereon." --Patricia Sawin

"This email is the masterpiece of your journey." --Jerry S. Levin

"Thank you for your engaging writing and pictures." --Doris Tippens

"What a great adventure you are having! Thanks for sharing." --Susan B. Gerard

"That was the loveliest email I've ever read!" --Lisa Anthony

Here John describes places they went and sights they saw, and he reflects on issues small and large: the friendliness of Mister Hugo, who rented bicycles to them, the intrusive ubiquity of the federal police, the legacy of dictatorships, the failure of ATMs, the absence of peanut butter, and the kindness of those who have suffered. He ponders how traveling can change a person and remarks on how Chile and Argentina differ in national character. John and Pat traveled by bus from Buenos Aires, first to the amazing Iguazú Falls on the border with Brazil, then westward to the Andes and across to Chile. They visited the famous El Tololo Observatory, then hiked among the parks and volcanoes to Chiloé to the south. They recrossed the mountains to the lakes near Bariloche, and persevered across the arid Patagonian desert. Finally they came up the southern coast of Argentina and back to Buenos Aires. Throughout their trip, they took in cultural landmarks, including Pablo Neruda's wonderful house in Valparaíso and the exceptional music, sculpture, and architecture of El Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, where their adventure began and ended.

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