How to Play


        Latest version of Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne

         Download the file of the latest version of the game
and put it into Warcraft III install directory under Maps:

        Start the game, choose Jungle Trolls Reborn
             like a normal Warcraft map and play!

        To play with others enter an official Warcraft III server
             or another server where the game is being hosted (belo)
             ...and show your friends that life is pain :]


LAN Network

Download & Install Tunngle and register your account.

Run Tunngle, login and search for the Jungle Trolls network ►

♦ Enter and that's it!
Now you can play with anyone in the room as if you are all in LAN.
Game Server

Download & Install Garena Plus and register your account.

Run Garena Plus and enter

Garena Clan
Clan ID 24743 (Sunny_Trolls)


Garena groups
• Jungle Trolls, ID 54838
• Jungle Trolls, ID 60727
Jungle Trolls, ID 161804

♦ Choose
LAN > Games > War3 RPG

and in Menu > Settings set path to war3.exe

♦ Enter a room and start Warcraft by the START button inside.
Play as in a Local Area Network.

♦ Games are usually hosted in Europe RPG Rooms 01-07


Go to channel jungletrolls

Game Server

download ICCup Launcher and register account

Run ICCup Launcher and set path to war3.exe

Enter Warcraft by the Launcher with your account
and find JTR community in channel op JTTR

Network Client

Hamachi network: JUNGLETROLLS
                         Password: 1