Jungle Trolls Reborn is a survival / base building game in which you control a Jungle Troll, in a tribe of up to four trolls. You will explore the Jungle, build & craft, compete against the other tribes and try to destroy their Totem.

Every single playthrough is unique thanks to randomly generated resources, procedurally breeding animals and highly varied game features.

The game uses Warcraft III graphics and game engine (as a "custom map").

Loading screen picture by Cindy Nyan

Jungle Trolls Reborn

Version 6.3.7


– Skill improvements and bug fixes

Test version (work in progress)

For more details see List of Changes.

Older Versions

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Meet more trolls in our Discord server

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The initial idea of Troll survival games belongs to XelNaga (Ice Troll Tribes), and was developed and expanded by A.Dominion (Jungle Troll Tribes).

By the middle of 2006 Jungle Troll Tribes 5.5 was reworked by Gadina Prokleta as Jungle Trolls Reborn, with the written permission of the original author.

Since then JTR has undergone multiple changes and improvements. Subsequently A.Dominion himself joined the development team and did a lot to further improve and expand the game.

Jungle Trolls Reborn has been revived multiple times after key updates of Warcraft 3 thanks to the efforts of its dedicated fans across the world.


Original Idea

– A.Dominion (Jungle Troll Tribes)

Game Designers

– gadina_prokleta (Jungle Trolls Reborn)

– A.Dominion (Jungle Troll Tribes, Jungle Trolls Reborn)


– Dark_Angel

– Meur

– Dangerb0y

– BIOengineer

– GothicMage

– ElloElloEllo

– Daehun Kim

– BloodForBlood

Resource Contributors

– Cindy Nyan (loading screen)

– creators of World Editor Unlimited

Vexorian (Vexorian's Map Optimizer)

– Inhyper (testing)

– Domocun (model for Snake)

– Mc (icon)

Sellenisko (model for Troll Shaman)

– communist_orc (model for Stockage box)

– OgeRfaCes (icon for Light aura)

– Stanakin Skywalker (model and icon for Antelope)

– General Frank (icon for Troll Shaman)

– b17rider (icon for Heat Aura)

– NFWar (icons for Poison daggers, Horn dagger, Horn Spear, Voodoo mask of Life)

– kola (icons for Inventor plans, Inventor recipe)

– FhelZone (icons for Torch, Camp fire)

– Kimberly (icons for Warrior's berserk, Hunter's Move through the shadows)

– Werewulf (icon for Crab's Hold pray)

– Forgotten_Warlord (icon for Demonic voodoo mask)

– Hellish Hybrid (model for Cauldron without heads)

– Paladon (icon for Voodoo healing)

– 67chrome (icon for Voodoo mask)

– Golden-Drake (icon for Spider's Web)

Tranquil (model for Siege Tower)

Dangerb0y (stacking system: Easy Item Stack n' Split)

– Matarael (some models of boots and gauntlets)

– Krysis (icon for boots)

CRAZYRUSSIAN (icons for boots, dual axes)

Mr.Goblin (icons for gauntlets, warrior Tactics - Juggernout)

Daelin (model for Benefic aura - heat)

– Dark_Angel (model for bird nest)

karland90 (model for Fishing Bobber)

viiva (icon for Ghostly Voodoo Mask, button icons for game interface)

Kuhneghetz (model and icon for Sabretooth Cat)

Im_On_56k (utility for finding memory leaks: Leak Check 3.1)

Stanakin (icon for Cursed Voodoo Doll)

ElloElloEllo (modified icons for Fishing Pole crafting and some more; models for weapons and the respective modifications to troll models; various visual improvements)

HappyTauren (model for forest fire)

shiiK (icons for troll tribes)

– PROXY (mining pick model)

– Kitabatake (bow model)

– Vami Bloodbane (bucket, molotov, raw meat models)

– Kobas (dialog tutorial)

Callahan (model for Carnivorous Plant)

JollyD (button for Rest ability)

inhuman89 (button for cigar)

MWM (some models from the RPG Equipment)

chilla_killa (pumpkin model used for Berry)

!!GORO!! (bag model)