The Teacher
Since his twelve year career as a leading performer with the Croatian National Folk Ensemble, LADO, Željko Jergan has catapulted through the folklore and dance community as a driving force. He has restored details and authenticity to traditional dances, and developed new choreographies from regions of Croatia that had hardly been touched. In addition to his work with professional ensembles, he has also worked with numerous collegiate, amateur and children's folk ensembles throughou the United States. He has collaborated with some of the foremost composers and musicians in the Croatian folklore world.

Željko's popularity in the recreational folk dance community extends to several countries, including the US, Canada, Europe, Japan and Taiwan. His attention to style and detail keeps him in high demand. A friendly and engaging teacher, he is also a wonderful singer, and delights in sharing the singing traditions that are so much a part of Croatian folklore.

At June Camp, Željko will present new material he has not taught yet in this country. As part of June Camp's Dance Exchange, he will also be willing to review dances he presented at past visits (in 2003, and 2012). See below for the list of what he will teach, and what he taught previously. He is also happy to lead singing sessions.

More information about Željko is on his website at 

The Band

Live music parties EVERY EVENING by members of the Pinewoods Band: 

Tom Pixton, Ralph Iverson, & Yaron Shragai!

Tom and Ralph (along with Patrick Yacono, who can't make camp this year, and will be missed!) have been playing international dance music together for more than twenty years. In addition to their numerous independent musical activities in the Boston area, they have played for dance events across the US and Canada as part of the Pinewoods Band. Yaron has also been playing with the band for several years and is pleased to join the others at June Camp this year.

Tom Pixton 

Tom Pixton (accordion, vocals) is one of Boston’s most active International, Balkan, and Scottish folk dance musicians. He has worked with many of today's most accomplished dance teachers and musicians as accordionist, pianist, band leader, music arranger, and CD producer. As a soloist or with the Pinewoods Band, he has provided dance music for dance camps, workshops, and special events in the US, Canada, and Japan. He has provided music leadership for the Boston Branch of the Royal Scottish Dance SocietyCambridge Revels, and the Folk Arts Center of New England. Tom is thrilled once again to be leading the live music at this year’s June Camp in DeKalb.

Ralph Iverson
Ralph Iverson (violin, gadulka, tambura, kaval) started playing for international folk dancing in 1985.  He has been a member of many folk dance groups including Mandala Folk Dance Ensemble (orchestra director), Cambridge Folk Orchestra, Pinewoods Band, Pajdashi, Rakija, Zdravets, and Zornitsa. He plays many instruments including violin, gadulka, tambura, and penny whistle. Ralph also plays violin with the New England Philharmonic and with MIT Gilbert and Sullivan
Players. He recently submitted a winning composition for gadulka and accompaniment to a "7/8" competition in Bulgaria.

Yaron Shragai 
Yaron Shragai 
(percussion, guitar, recorder, vocals) is a versatile Boston-area folk musician, band leader, and dance leader. He has been playing traditional music for more than a decade, focusing on Balkan and international styles as well as some klezmer music and American contra dance music. He plays a variety of Balkan percussion instruments, as well as guitar and recorder, and also sings. Yaron grew up in Israel and New York City — two spots where cultures meet in remarkable ways — and learned from Souhail Gaspar, Beth Cohen, Hankus Netsky, and others. “My key interest,” he says, “is in the relationship of the music to the dance forms and the role of the supporting musicians in driving them both forward.” Yaron has played with the Pinewoods Band on numerous occasions and we welcome him to June Camp.

 YOU can also join the Band! Practice sessions will be scheduled during camp for a “Camper Band” who will join in for select numbers.  Please indicate your interest, instrument(s), and level with your registration and we will send music in advance in case you want to prepare!