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Management & Organisation
Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny
75016 Paris, France


HEC Paris, Jouy-en-Josas, France. Ph.D. in Management, 2007-2011.
    "Logic Duality, Conformity, and Survival in the French Film Industry, 1987-2008."
    Grigor McClelland Best Dissertation (2012 EGOS, Honorable Mention), AoM Best International Dissertation (2012 Meeting, Finalist),
    HEC Foundation Best Dissertation (2012, Winner), Industry Studies Association Best Dissertation (Finalist).

SORBONNE UNIVERSITY, Paris, France. MPhil, Organization Science, 2005.

ESCP EUROPE, Paris, France. MSc, Management, 1995.


Published/in press

Social Valuation Across Multiple Audiences: The Interplay of Ability and Identity Judgments (with R. Fini & M. Perkmann). 2018 (in press). Academy of Management Journal, December issue. [article]

The Institutional Footprint of Organizations. 2018 (in press). In Institution and Materiality: Spaces, Embodiment and Technology in Management and Organization. A. Adrot, F.X. de Vaujany, E. Boxenbaum, B. Leca editors. Palgrave. 

Institutional Specialization and Survival: Theory and Evidence from the French Film Industry. 2018. Strategy Science, 3(2): 408–425. [article]

When the Dust Settles: The Consequences of Scandals for Organizational Competition (with A. Piazza). 2018. Academy of Management Journal, 161(1):165–190. [article]

The Price of Admission: Organizational Deference as Strategic Behavior (with R. Durand, & P. H. Thornton). 2017. American Journal of Sociology, 123(1): 232–275.  [article]

Too Much of a Good Thing? The Dual Effect of Public Sponsorship on Firm Performance (with I. Kivleniece). 2017. Academy of Management Journal, 60(1):1-23. [article]

Institutional Logics as Strategic Resources (with R. Durand, P. H. Thornton, & B. Szostak). 2013. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 39:165-201. [article]

Jules or Jim: Alternative Conformity to Minority Logics (with R. Durand). 2012. Academy of Management Journal, 55(6): 1295-1315. [article]

Projets/Working papers 

From Misconduct to Scandal: An Empirical Study (with A. Piazza).

Social Media and Firm Value (with J. Qiu, & S.Galeshchuk)

The Effect of Stigma on the Political Behavior of Multinationals (with R. Bandeira de Mello &, A. Mauerberg Junior)

Scientific Category-Spanning Under Information Asymmetries (with R. Fini, L. Toschi, & M. Perkmann)

Reconceptualising the Value-Based Theory: Towards a Public Value-Based Strategy (With I. Kivleniece)

Conference presentations
  • 2018. EGOS (Tallinn, EST). The scandalization of organizational misconduct.
  • 2017. EGOS (Copenhagen, DK). Social valuation across multiple audiences.
  • 2016 AoM Annual Meeting (Anaheim, CA). The social valuation of scientists.
  • 2016. EGOS (Naples, IT). The Strategic Consequences of Scandals, EGOS.
  • 2015. Mallen Film Conference (NYC, NY). Sponsorship and performance in the film industry.
  • 2015. EGOS Sub-Theme on Consequences of Institutional Logics for Rationality and Reasoning.
  • 2015. Workshop on Social Networks (Amsterdam, NL). Deference as Admission Fee in Foreign Networks.
  • 2014. SMS Special Conference (Tel Aviv, IL). Starting Up of Slowing Down: The Dual Effect of Public Sponsorship on Firm Performance.
  • 2014. Strategy Entrepreneurship Innovation SEI Workshop (Sophia Antipolis, FR). The Dual Effect of Public Sponsorship on Performance.
  • 2014. AoM Annual Meeting (Philadelphia, PA). The Dual Effect of Public Sponsorship on Firm Performance (BPS), The Price of Admission: Deference in Overlapping Institutional Environments (OMT), Logic Alignment and Sustainable Advantage (OMT Junior Faculty Consortium).
  • 2013. HBS Inaugural Paul Lawrence Conference (Cambridge, MA). Status Spillovers Across Multiple Institutional Logics.
  • 2013. American Sociological Association Meeting (New York City, NY). Setting the Stage for Cooperation: Deference in Conflicting Institutional Environments.
  • 2013. CRIOS Conference (Milan, IT). The Price of Admission: Deference in Overlapping Institutional Environments.
  • 2012. SMS Conference (Prague, TR). The Dark Side of Public Money: Exploring the Effects of Public Sponsorship on Firm Performance.
  • 2012. EGOS Colloquium (Helsinki, FI). Status Spillovers Across Multiple Institutional Logics.
  • 2012 ABC Conference (Banff, AL). Presumption of Conflict: Deference as Productive Diplomacy.
  • 2012. AoM Annual Meeting (Boston, MA). Institutional Capital Revisited: Firms Position in the Logics Space and Survival.
  • 2011. SMS Conference (Miami, FL). Institutional Entry Barriers and the Liability of Logic Foreignness in the French Film Industry.
  • 2011. AoM Annual Meeting (San Antonio, TX). Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down: Power Dependence and Conformity in Dual Audience Candidate Interfaces.
  • 2011. EGOS Colloquium (Goteborg, SE). Liability of Logic Foreignness and Institutional Deference in the French Film Production Industry.
  • 2010. SMS Conference (Rome, IT). Competing Investors’ Logic and Innovation Performance.
  • 2010. AoM Annual Meeting (Montreal, CA) — Symposium on Creativity & Networks. Creativity Impact of Competition in Dual Candidate-Audience Fields.
Research interests: Strategy; Organization Theory; Social Evaluation; Corporate Scandals.


PSL-PARIS DAUPHINE UNIVERSITY, Paris (FR). Professor of Strategy (since 2016).
    Management & Organisation group, DRM research center, CNRS.
    Teaching: Strategic Management (M1), Strategy Theory (M2, Master in Business Consulting), Bringing Society Back in Strategy (M2, Master in Strategy and Public Policy), Business and Corporate Strategy (E.MBA), The Movie Industry (M2, Master in Media and Telecom Management), Quantitative Methods (E.DBA), Publishing (PhD)

BOCCONI UNIVERSITY, Milan (IT). Assistant Professor (2012–16).
    Department of Management and Technology.

SDA BOCCONI, Geneva (CH). Professor of Leadership (2014–17).
    Executive Management program for a world leader watch maker.

IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON, London (UK). Research Associate (post doc), then Visiting Fellow (since 2012).
    Innovation and Entrepreneurship group, Business School.

HEC PARIS, Center for Research on Society and Organizations. Research Assistant (2009–11).

ESSEC Business School, Paris, France, 2007-2012. Adjunct professor of Media & Entertainment Economics

Teaching interests: Strategy (Master/PhD); Organization Theory (PhD); Computation Social Science (PhD); Film economics and strategy (Master).



  •  2009. Strategic Management Handbook: Strategor 5th Edition (with Bernard Garrette). Writing of chapter-end key learning points and quizzes. Writing and coordination of the professors’ manual.

Course syllabus

  • 2018. The Movie Industry. 18-hour course, MTM MSc. at Paris Dauphine U.
  • 2014. Film Industry Economics and Management. 48-hour course, ACME MSc. at Bocconi U.

Business cases

  • 2015. Nollywood: The Emergence of a Cultural Industry (with G. Brunelli). Work in progress.
  • 2014. Petit Palace: Understanding the Film Exhibition Business. Short case for class discussion (unpublished).
  • 2014. Radioactive Pictures and Banca Cinema: Understanding Film Financing. Short case for class discussion (unpublished).
  • 2008. Essilor’s Base Of the Pyramid Strategy in India (with Bernard Garrette). Winner of the 2009 HEC Foundation Award for Pedagogical Innovation.

Professional affiliations

    Academy of Management (AoM, OMT & STR divisions)
    Strategic Management Society (SMS)
    European Group for Organization Studies (EGOS)
    Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
    Society and Organization research center (SNO, founding member).

Peer reviews and editorial Positions

Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Strategic Organization, Organization Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Social Theory, Socio-Economic ReviewHuman Resources, Revue Française de Gestion, Innovation: Organization and Management (board), M@n@gement (board).

Professional services
  • 2018. Paris Strategy Workshop. Paris, May 18, 2018.
  • 2017. Institutional and Organizational Economics Association (IOEA) conference. Organizational Scandals (PhD workshop).
  • 2017. OMT Doctoral Consortium, AOM (Atlanta, GA).
  • 2016. OMT Doctoral Consortium, AOM (Anaheim, CA).
  • 2015. Convenor of the Institutional Logics, Reasoning and Rationality track at the EGOS Colloquium in Athens (with P. H. Thornton, Duke U., and W. Ocasio, Northwestern U.).
  • 2015. PDW on Institutional Theory at the EGOS Colloquium in Athens.

WARNER BROS. PICTURES, Neuilly-sur-Seine (FR). Finance Director (2001–06).
    Theatrical, Television, and Local Production. Financial management of production and distribution activities (about €200m revenues).
    Development of the newly created local production business unit: structuring of production, coproduction and acquisition deals.

BLACK ORANGE (start-up), Clichy, France. Chief Financial Officer (2000–01).
    Entrepreneurial venture in the early online software distribution business.
    Legal and financial setup of the company through several rounds of financing (€1.5m). Cession to investors.

LEGRAND GROUP, Sophia Antipolis & Paris (FR). Financial Controller and Int'l Internal Auditor.1996-2000
    World leader in electrical and digital infrastructure (CAC40 company).


Selected workshops

  • 2012. Harvard Business Publishing's Seminar on Participant-Centered Learning and the Case Method, London, May.
  • 2011. Workshop on Identity and Similarity at Keble College, Oxford (organized by J. Denrell & B. Kovacs).
  • 2008. SCANCOR Workshop on Institutional Theory at IESE, Barcelona (with Walter W. Powell, Marc Schneiberg, Elisabeth Clemens, Gili S. Drori, Jeannette Colyvas). 

Visiting scholarship

  • 2015. Paris Dauphine University (Sept.–Dec.).
  • 2011. Fuqua School of Business, Duke University (May).


2018. Nominated for the 2018 Strategic Management Society (SMS) Best Paper Award
2017. PSL-Governance Analytics grant for an exploratory the study of organizational scandals using social media.
2013. Above and Beyond the Call for Duty (ABCD) Award, Academy of Management (OMT)
2012. AoM Best International Dissertation Award (Finalist).
2012. EGOS Grigor McClelland Doctoral Dissertation Award (Honorable Mention).
2012. HEC Foundation Best Dissertation Award (Finalist, pending).
2011. SMS Best Conference Paper Award and Best PhD Paper Award (Nominations).
2011. Visiting Scholarship grant awarded by the HEC Foundation.

2010. Research grant awarded by the HEC Foundation.
2007-2011. Doctoral Fellowship, HEC Paris.


Ability to teach and conduct research in both English and French.