I am Professor of Strategy in the Department of Management & Organisation at U. Paris-Dauphine (PSL).  I have a PhD in Strategic Management from HEC Paris and held academic positions at Imperial College London and Bocconi University.

Focused on the strategic implications of organizational financing and resource acquisition, conformity, and social valuation, mresearch appears in (or is in press at) major academic journals, including Academy of Management Journal, American Journal of Sociology, and Strategy Science.

My work lies at the intersection of strategy and organization theory. I study the interplay between resource acquisition (e.g., financing, social and human capital) and resource allocation strategies in fragmented institutional environments, with a focus on social (e)valuation:
How do the resources acquired from various stakeholders, such as financial investors or public agencies, affect how organizations behave and are evaluated?
- How does the conformity of organizational strategies to external expectations affect the valuation of the organization by resource holders, the acquisition of key resources, performance and survival?

My work tends to be empirical and quantitative, and involves the econometrical analysis of large-scale datasets. My research has been distinguished by international awards (EGOS Grigor McClelland Award, AoM Int'l Dissertation Award, ISA Best Dissertation Award, HEC Foundation Best Dissertation)

I'm former movie studio executive and always keep an eye on creative industries...