About Me

I'm an Associate Professor at HEC Paris in the Management and Human Resources department.

Contact: HEC Paris, 1 rue de la libération, Jouy-en-Josas, France | jourdan@hec.fr | @julien_jourdan | LinkedIN

I am a (Tenured) Associate Professor of Management and Human Resources at HEC Paris. I teach management and leadership in the PhD, MSc, and MBA programs.

My research focuses on reputation, legitimacy, and other social evaluations of organizations. I examine how a) stakeholders evaluate organizations in institutionally complex environments and b) how these evaluations shape organizational conduct, strategy, and performance. My work is published in academic journals including American Journal of Sociology, Academy of Management Journal, and Strategy Science.

I was awarded the HEC Best Dissertation prize and was finalist for the Grigor McClelland Dissertation, Industry Studies Association, and AoM International Dissertation awards. My recent article on the consequences of scandals on organizational competition was finalist for Academy of Management Journal Best Paper.

I'm also a Research Associate at Imperial College London. I previously held academic positions at Università Bocconi and PSL-Paris Dauphine (CV). A former finance executive at a major film studio, I have retained a strong interest in creative industries.