Maître de conférence / Associated Professor

ENSIL-ENSCI, Mécatronique

Laboratoire XLIM UMR CNRS 7252

16 rue Atlantis, Parc Ester Technopole

87068 Limoges, France

Web : www.ensil-ensci.unilim.fr

Mail : juan.escareno-castro@unilim.fr


Juan Escareno received a Ph.D. (2008) in Automatic Control from the HEUDIASYC laboratory of the University of Technology of Compiegne (UTC), France. He has held, from 2008 to 2010, a Post-Doctoral fellowship position at "Unité Mixte de Internationale du CNRS", 3175 LAFMIA hosted by CINVESTAV, which is a international French joint research laboratory partially funded by CNRS. He was a CNRS project researcher at the University of Technology of Compiegne from 2010 to 2012. In March 2012 he was visiting researcher at the French Nuclear Energy Commission (CEA). From July 2012 to October 2013 he was Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the department of "Automatique et Systèmes Micro-Mécatroniques" (AS2M) at FEMTO-ST (Franche-Comté Electronique Mécanique Thermique et Optique - Sciences et Technologies) UMR CNRS 6174, at Besancon, France. He held an associate professor position (enseignant-chercheur) at the "Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancées" at Ivry-sur-Seine, France. Currently, he hold a current general research interests are focused on the design, modeling and control of convertible and interactive drones in the field of aerial robotics. Likewise within the field of microrobotics I'm interested on embedded perception and control of piezoelectric actuators for micro-positioning applications.


  • Autonomous Mobile Robotic Systems
  • Guidance, Navigation and Control (GN&C)
  • Nonlinear Control (Adaptive and Robust Control)
  • Kinematic/Dynamic Modeling
  • Estimation, Filtering and Multisensor Fusion.
  • Embedded systems (Control and Sensing).
  • Micro-positioning (perception and control) based on piezoelectric cantilevers
  • Development of Experimental Platforms (Hands-on Experience)
  • Embedded Vision-based Navigation (recently)