The discovery of a submerged Model T blurs the line between dream and reality, exposing a young scuba diver's past and threatening her future.

~ * ~

Star Fisher refuses to let the scar marring her face dictate her choices or the dreams haunting her nights affect her life. A skilled scuba diver and underwater investigator, she assists in the salvage operation of a sunken Model T, but will it reveal its secrets?

Captivated by the feisty diver, captain Hauk Ludvikson struggles against his attraction as they explore the old automobile linked to the unsolved disappearance of a rich heiress. As past crimes create new ones, he must decide if he wants to protect Star or protect his heart.

With danger lurking under and above the water line, Star fights for her future — a future she may not salvage twice.

Romantic Suspense

75,000 words - 228 pages

Publisher Champagne Book Group

ISBN: 978-1-947128-88-0 (ebook)

ISBN: 978-1-947128-11-8 (print)

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Hauk left the cabin and stepped onto the twelve-foot deck. According to his watch, Arnie and Fisher had been down less than ten minutes.

The oxygen tanks lined up against the storage bin beckoned to him. He grabbed the closest one and peered at the gauge. 1,700 pounds. Enough air for a short dive. Wanting to witness what had prompted Fisher's request, he geared up and dove.

The wetsuit didn't completely insulate his skin from the colder water he encountered fifty feet below. With darkness surrounding him, he trusted the guide rope to lead him to the site as he continued his descent. Minutes later, through the shadowy waters, Hauk spotted his two divers. Arnie floated above a lamppost, and Fisher knelt on the lakebed in front of the wreck.

An object was in Fisher's hand. He swam toward her to get a better view, but the mysterious object disappeared into her bag, and she glided away from him before he had a chance to satisfy his curiosity. A few flutter kicks behind her, Hauk stretched out his arm with the intent of tapping her shoulder. Her hand swiftly swept across her belt, and a glint of light from the lampposts reflected off her glove.

She spun around. Eyes glazed with fear, she swung her arm. Sharp reflexes allowed Hauk to deflect the blow, but they didn't prevent her other hand from sneaking past his defenses. He inhaled sharply.

A silver blade, shining in the light, pushed against his hose, ready to sever his air supply with the flick of her wrist.


JUNE 16, 2017

4 STARS from Long and Short Reviews

Hauk Ludvikson, the hero, and Star Fisher, the heroine, as well as the other prominent characters, really kept me on the edge of my seat. J. S. Marlo created a complex plot that demonstrated originality. The cast of characters were brilliantly interwoven in a suspense/mystery that incorporated generations of families.

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MAY 9, 2013 29

5 STARS from Romancing the Book

I loved this book. I could not put it down. I was quite surprised because it really is not my type of book. Star was the spunky and independent female character that I adore and her hero Hauk was the strong, silent and protective man that I love. Their love story was not at the forefront of the story but rather the mystery of why there was a Model T at the bottom of the lake and how it was connected to Star.

For full review, visit Romancing the Book

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JANUARY 16, 2017

1st place in the 2016 annual Preditors & Editors™ Readers' Poll

1st place in the Mystery Category

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2009

5 BOOKS from Long and Short Reviews

Sabotage, explosions, kidnapping, savage dog, this story has it all, plus moment of pure romance which slot in quite naturally. The hero and heroine's aspects on what is happening is supplemented by the attackers point of view so the readers gets the whole story, but without any spoilers to give the game away.

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