Voted Out

To unravel the mysteries in the election office and protect the integrity of the election, Liliane risks her reputation, her heart, and her life.

~ * ~

Liliane's mind is reeling, not from the ramifications of her secret love affair, but from the unethical behavior, the blackmail, and the extortion taking place in the election office.

Coaxed into exercising damage control and assuming responsibilities beyond her role as finance officer, Liliane longs to spend time in her art studio, but when election officers begin to vanish and die, she cannot dismiss the events unfolding around her and her lover.

To unravel the mysteries and protect the integrity of the election, Liliane risks her reputation, her heart, and her life.

Romantic Suspense

79,000 words - 262 pages

BWL Publishing Inc

ISBN: 978-1-77362-757-1 (EPUB)

ISBN: 978-1-77362-758-8 (KINDLE)

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ISBN: 978-1-77362-760-1 (print)

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The thought of stuffing the electoral chatterbox into a suitcase with a ticking watch, locking him up in the trunk of his rental car, and calling the bomb squad so they could blow him up as a preventive measure crossed Thomas’ mind.

He could swear Damien didn’t just like to talk, he loved to listen to himself.

In the last hour, Thomas had learned more about the man than he ever cared to know. He didn’t want to hear any more details about the observer’s turbulent flight, his delayed luggage, his rental car mixed up, his soon-to-be-ex-wife, his acrimonious divorce, or anything else.

In an ironic way, Thomas supposed he should be grateful that Damien didn’t seem the least interested in observing him, or his employees, in action.

A knock on the door silenced the unwelcome observer.

Peace and quiet at last. Thankful for the interruption, Thomas invited whoever stood on the other side to enter.

“Liliane?” Of all his employees, she was the last one Thomas wanted to see within talking distance of the chatterbox.

“Sorry for the intrusion, Thomas, but I wanted to give you an update on Sininen Lake.” Leaving the door open, she leaned against the doorframe. “You’ll love it.”

Thomas doubted it, but for her sake, the woman had better not screw this one up. “Can it wait till—”

“Fancy meeting you here, Lily.” The observer perked up like a child on a sugar rush. “We need to grab lunch and catch up.”

To Thomas’ consternation, Damien had not only cut him off and set his sights on Liliane, but it sounded like he knew her.

“I’m free today.” A warm smile illuminated her eyes when she looked at the chatterbox. “Are you paying?”

The woman’s attitude irked Thomas as much as it alarmed him since all she’d ever given him was the cold shoulder. “Sorry to rain on your little reunion, Liliane, but Leonard is taking Damien out for lunch and a sightseeing tour.”

“Sightseeing? Then I better make it quick in case you have things to discuss with Damien before he disappears for the day.” An indecipherable expression crossed her face. “When I saw the requisition form on my desk, I contacted Northern Key Aviation. For forty dollars each way, they will fly the ballot box in the cockpit with the pilot to Sininen Lake where Mimi Smalltoes, the DRO, will pick it up in person. After the election, they’ll repeat the process in reverse. The aviation company is fully insured and bonded. Therefore, it becomes redundant to send someone on the plane with the ballot box. It also saves us over a thousand dollars. I thought you’d be happy to know I made the arrangement and prepaid Northern Key for their services before they change their mind or jack up their price.”

As the words sank in, Thomas fought the urge to lurch at her and knot her red ponytail around her neck. The air of satisfaction enveloping her choked him. Shocked by her audacity, he struggled with his vocal chords. The woman would pay for her defiance and interference. He would shred her reputation to pieces, one painful thread at a time.

“A woman who’s not afraid to save money. Wait till I report this one to Headquarters.” The glee in the observer’s eyes as he leaned in his chair spoke of his approval and admiration. “They will love it, Lily.”

Their behaviors fueled Thomas’ rage. He swore the woman would taste his revenge as intensely as he would savor her downfall. “Very good, Liliane. Now would you excuse us, please?”

When his finance officer turned on her heels, low heels, and left his office without uttering another word, Thomas vowed never to underestimate her again.

~ * ~