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Upcoming Events:

April 2019: Washington DC, USA

        Invited talk in SPIE DCS

May 2019: San Diego, USA

        Invited talk in the URSI EMTS meeting

June 2019: Boston, USA

        Invited Workshop in IEEE IMS

June 2019: Rome, Italy

        Organizing a convened session in PIERS

July 2019: Lisbon, Portugal

        Invited talk in Meta19 

Welcome to our group website! 

The Applied Micro/Nano Electromagnetics Research Laboratory focuses on multidisciplinary areas of electromagnetic wave propagation and radiation from microwaves and terahertz frequencies to the infrared band, non-reciprocal and nonlinear phenomena, plasmonics, numerical techniques, novel 2D and reconfigurable materials, spatial dispersion, leaky-wave antennas, and metamaterials/metasurfaces.  In particular,  our group is especially interested in the efficient control and manipulation of electromagnetic waves in unprecedented ways, aiming to overcome the limitations of current technology and communication systems in terms of dynamic reconfiguration, integration and miniaturization while simultaneously boosting their performance and functionalities.  

If you are interested in our research, please feel free to contact me. 

Recent News
  • April 2019: Our paper "Nonreciprocal wavefront engineering with time-modulated gradient metasurfaces" has been accepted in Physical Review Applied. 
  • March 2019: Our paper "Isolating Bandpass Filters Using Spatio-Temporal Modulation" in collaboration with Prof. X. Liu (UC Davis), Prof. Peroulis (Purdue) and Prof. Alvarez-Melcon (UPCT) has been accepted in IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques. 
  • December 2018: Dr. Gomez-Diaz joined U.S. URSI as a full member.
  • November 2018: Our paper "Sorting and Routing Valley Excitons in a Monolayer MoS2 with a Metasurface", in collaboration with the groups of Prof. A. Alu (CUNY) and Prof. X. Li (UT Austin), has been accepted in Nature Photonics.
  • September 2018: Plenary talk in the 2018 EuMIC Conference within the European Microwave Week.
  • September 2018: Congratulations to Diego Correas-Serrano for successfully defending his PhD Thesis and accepting a research scientist position at Intel Quantum Computing!
  • July 2018: Dr. Gomez-Diaz has joined the Editorial Board of Condensed Matter (ISSN 2410-3896), an international peer-reviewed open access journal published quarterly by MDPI
  • May 2018: 2 invited and 1 contributed talks in AT-RASC 2018.
  • May 2018: Diego Correas-Serrano has received the 2017 Richard and Joy Dorf Graduate Student Award! Congratulations!
  • April 2018: We are happy to host Ms. Celia Gomez, who joined our group for 4 months as a visiting PhD student funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science. Welcome!
  • April 2018: Invited talk in Texas Instrument, Santa Clara, Ca. 
    • 4th April 2018: Diego Correas-Serrano has received the 2018 Dissertation Spring Quarter Fellowship!
    • 22nd March 2018: Diego Correas-Serrano has received the 2018-2019 UCD Dissertation Year Fellowship! 
    • 3rd March 2018: Our group joined the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center
    • 1st March 2018: Diego Correas-Serrano has received the Young Scientist Award from the AT-RASC 2018 Conference! 
    • 1st March 2018: J. Sebastian Gomez-Diaz delivered an invited talk for UC Davis freshmen students through the LEADR program. 
    • 27th February 2018: J. Sebastian Gomez-Diaz has received an UC Davis Academic Senate Research Travel Grant.
    • 3rd February 2018: J. Sebastian Gomez-Diaz has received the NSF CAREER Award from the EPMD/ECCS program!  
    • January 2018: We are happy to host Prof. Hwi Kim, who joined our group for his sabbatical during 2018. Welcome ! 
    • October 2017: We are happy to host Prof. Alejandro Alvarez Melcon, who joined our group for his sabbatical during 2017-2018. Welcome ! 
    • October 2017: We are happy to host Mr. Jiawei Zhang and Ms.Yi Change, who are one-year visiting PhD. students from China funded by the CSC. Welcome!
    • October 2017: Prof. Gomez-Diaz will deliver the Plenary Talk in the 13th European Microwave Integrated Circuit Conference (EuMIC 2018) to be held in Madrid, Spain, within the European Microwave Week. 
    • October 2017: Prof. Gomez-Diaz is organizing a special session on "Plasmonics" in the URSI AT-RASC 2018, to be held in Gran Canaria, Spain, in May 2018.
    • 7th September 2017: Prof. Gomez-Diaz delivered a Plenary Talk in the 2017 XXXII URSI Symposium, Cartagena, Spain.  
    • 25-28th July 2017: 1 invited and 1 contributed presentations at META'17, Seoul, South Korea. 
    • 1st March 2017: Dr. Gomez-Diaz has been selected as the recipient of the 2017 Leopold B. Felsen Award for Excellence in Electrodynamics. This is an early career award for researchers up to age 40, by nomination only, given by the European Association of Antennas and Propagation. He will receive the award at the banquet of EuCAP in Paris, France.  
    • 8th December 2016: Dr. Gomez-Diaz has been appointed Senior Member of the IEEE.