The 41st Japan Symposium on Commutative Algebra
Date: November 25 (Monday) -- 29 (Friday), 2019
  • The symposium will start at 15:00 the first day, and
  • it will end by 12:00 the last day

Venue: Kurashiki Seaside Hotel
  • Here is the Hotel HP. 
  • All lectures will be held in the Training Building 4F "Lecture Room". 
  • In the "Lecture Room", we have 
    • Large Black Board and two White Boards
    • Projecter and Document Camera
  • There is no store near the Hotel. 

Invited Speakers: 
  • Olgur Celikbas (West Virginia Univesity)
  • Vasudevan Srinivas (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)
  • Vijaylaxmi Trivedi (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)
  • Uli Walther (Purdue University)
  • Jerzy Weyman (University of Connecticut)

  • To participate the symposium, please fill out the application form here for participation by September 23
  • If you wish to give a lecture in the symposium, please fill out the form here for lecture by August 31
  • The form is Japanese text version only. If it seems to be difficult to use the form, please contact the organizers. 

  • Here is an information from the Hotel.  
  • The nearest station from the Hotel is JR Kojima station. 
  • From JR Kojima station to the Hotel, 10 min. by taxi. 
  • There is a shuttle bus service (free) from JR Kojima station to the Hotel. See the next section.  
  • From JR Okayama station to JR Kojima station, 25 min. by train. 
  • From Okayama airport to JR Okayama station, 40 min. by bus. 
  • There is a parking (free) for cars. 

Bus service: 
  • On the first day (November 25), we have a bus service (free) from JR Kojima station to the Hotel.  
  • The bus will start at about 13:45 and about 14:15. 
  • To use the bus service, please let us know in the registration form. 

Organizers: Tokuji Araya (Okayama Univ. of Science), Mitsuyasu Hashimoto (Osaka City Univ.), Futoshi Hayasaka (Okayama Univ.)

Email address for the symposium: 2019jsca41 [at] gmail.com