JP Cohousing Values

Who We Are

  • Make a commitment to each other and to the well-being of the community
  • Value diversity
  • Commit to multigenerational residents
  • Welcome residents with different income levels
  • Support affordability for all


  • Pool labor and share chores
  • Share resources community-wide
  • Support children’s education by creating spaces for playing and learning
  • Provide accessibility to people with disabilities
  • Conserve natural resources by means of sound construction, energy conservation, recycling, and sharing things to reduce consumption
  • Create green spaces and public gardens so people can gather, relax, and enjoy quiet time
  • Promote the safety and security of all members
  • Nurture physical and emotional health
  • Take advantage of our urban space


  • Hold to the principle that our members manage our community
  • Use a consensus decision making process


  • Foster positive and emotionally supportive relationships
  • Work together with honest, direct, and respectful communication
  • Resolve any conflict with honest, direct, and respectful communication
  • Strive to find ways to simplify our lives
  • Balance community and privacy