Sustainable Construction:

JP Cohousing was built with a clustered design to reduce heat-loss and heat-gain. We included as much passive solar heating as possible by maximizing the amount of south-facing walls and windows, including a two-story solar atrium in the Common House.

We were built and certified as Energy Star Homes with the following features: High insulation in the walls, roof and foundation. Walls have an R-value of at least 22; roof R-38, slab R-15.

In 2014 we added solar panels to our roof in order to supply 1/3 of our energy needs.

High-efficiency windows with low U-values and high solar glare reflection on east and west faces to reduce solar heat gain in summer, and low solar glare reflection on south face to increase solar heat gain in winter

Tight weatherization air leakage max. 2 square inch per 100 SF of shell. Mechanical ventilation brings in fresh air from the outside in a regulated flow, ensures a healthy air environment in the homes; heat recovery in the ventilation recaptures warmth of outgoing air.

Boiler/baseboard heating system with highly efficient gas furnace at least 87% EFUE and boiler reset controls.

Water saving shower heads and faucets to reduce hot water needs.

We do not have central air conditioning in the units due to a design that promotes natural ventilation and reduces direct sun in summer months.

Full spectrum, fluorescent lights are standard in all units and common areas.

Energy Star appliances are standard for units and common house.

We have a highly efficient gas washer and dryer in the common house laundry.

Sustainable Practices

We do not have piped water for irrigation. We landscape with native plants using drip irrigation from our rainbarrels that catch rainwater. Natural pesticides and fertilizers only.

We have a sizeable organic food and herb garden on site. We hope to educate our children and members in organic urban gardening.

We are a CSA drop-off site in the summer and fall

Sustainable Transportation

We continue to encourage public transportation use by subsidizing T passes and by having a community subway pass. There's Hubway station at our local T stop, Green street.

We encourage people to use bicycle transportation by maintaining secure, covered bicycle storage for residents in our basement. We also maintain a private carshare.