Contact Information

On campus

I'm located in room 316 of the Engineering building, two doors down the hall from the main chemical engineering office.


During the spring and fall semesters, I'm typically on campus from 7:30-4:30 on workdays (excluding several Tuesdays). Summer is a little less predictable. My calendar below holds all my classes, office hours, and appointments. If there are gaps between "busy" events, I should be available, so feel free to set up an appointment or drop in! If my door is open, you're welcome to visit!

Office hours are posted in the calendar below. Please note that these are just the "guaranteed" hours; you are welcome to stop by whenever I am available. The last day for these office hours is the last day of classes.

I have an open-door policy, and I'm usually around my office or in one of the undergraduate labs on the third floor of the Engineering building. There's a note on my door if something unusual is happening.

Spring semester office hours run from the last week of January through mid-May, except on days when UMBC is not in session. Summer hours are run through mid-July. Fall hours run from late August through early December.


Every March and October, I will email the link to my advising appointments to my advising list. If you lose the email or link, please contact me directly. If you miss appointment, please revisit the sign-up page (if appointments are still available) or email me to reschedule (my calendar is below).

Please note that only students who have completed the chemical engineering gateway (for students enrolling in fall 2013 or later, this is ENES 101, CHEM 102, MATH 152, and ENCH 215) are formally advised by chemical engineering faculty. If you have not yet completed the gateway and/or ENCH 215 but intend to major in chemical engineering, you should see one of the professional advisors in ITE 202-206 for advising. If you have questions about the overall curriculum, I am happy to discuss them with you,


E-mail is definitely the best way to make sure you have my attention. I check my e-mail multiple times per day, but not continuously. I usually respond to e-mails within 24 hours during the workweek (and most weekends). Please consider the probability of delays on weekends and holidays (and when I am away for conferences).

Recommendation Letters

Please see here. Please consider what you could expect me to write on your behalf before making any requests. I am typically happy to write letters for you if we have worked together in some significant way so that I can write with specific details that make my recommendation strong.

Mailing Address

Because of the way the UMBC mailing system works, it's critical that you include my department and/or building in the address on all correspondence. Also be careful with any abbreviation of our large department name - make sure it's clearly for Engineering, or your message may inadvertently be sent to Chemistry and Biochemistry in the College of Sciences instead, which can greatly delay delivery.

Joshua Enszer, Ph.D.
Department of Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
1000 Hilltop Circle ENGR 314
Baltimore, MD 21250

Calendar of Appointments

Use the tabs at the upper right of the calendar to switch between week/month/agenda view as necessary. I have tried to force the default to the Eastern time zone, but please note that your personal settings may override this.