A once successful marriage has now all but destroyed itself – betrayal, desire, love, jealousy and revenge all rear their ugly heads in this hard-hitting dialogue-led drama.

Jonathan and Samantha arrange a weekend together, their first in a while, their individual careers leading to them being apart often.  After years of trying to conceive, with many false alarms, Samantha, a successful actress and singer, is sure that she is pregnant and is coming to tell her husband the good news.  Jonathan though has fallen in love with Nikki Spencer, a young singer he has been producing, and is coming to tell Samantha that he wants a divorce.

Old secrets, long buried, are revealed along with new ones – ironically, Nikki is devastated to learn that she is pregnant, disastrous for her career, whilst Samantha, already fragile, is on the edge of a nervous breakdown praying that this time she really is pregnant.

This can all only lead to recriminations and, ultimately, tragedy.

Weekend Break was staged at the Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Starring Emma Chamberlain and Jon Johanson

Directed by Jon Johanson

Jon on stage at the Gilded Balloon.

Reviews included:

“Impressive” – The Stage

“Skilful writing” – The Guardian

“Powerful piece of theatre” –

“Grab your ticket fast” – Three Weeks

“Takes the audience through a whole gambit of emotions” – The Observer

An audio version is scheduled for release shortly. 


Seventeen year old Cheryl’s two year old son, Jake, has been taken into care, and she is determined to get him back.  Cheryl though is a prostitute, with a bad drug habit, but is trying to better herself, trying to get qualifications that will help her get out of the vicious whirlpool she is drowning in.  

Cheryl strikes up a friendship with one of her ‘tricks’, Mark, and he offers to help her.  Mark is an older man, more than old enough to be her father.  A former policeman, Mark’s wife left him for another man, (her childhood sweetheart), a year ago, and he is lonely.  She was the only woman Mark had been with.

The two strike up an unusual relationship but can Cheryl beat her demons and get her son back or will she be tempted to go back to her old ways?

A character-driven, gritty drama, with a truly shocking ending.

“absolutely wonderful”

“ I have been reading on average at least two scripts a week for features, and for months I did not read anything as good as this script.  I really loved it.”

“Love it.”




“This isn’t Romeo and Juliet, Michael, it’s just you and me”

Sally is a successful lawyer.  In her mid twenties, she is smart and attractive and when she falls for an older man, Michael, against her better judgment, she knows the path of true love won’t be a smooth one, not so much because of the age difference, but more because she is a Muslim and Michael is a Christian.

Sally’s parents came to Britain from Pakistan in the 1970’s and Sally, (her real name is Saleema), was born in London, as were her three brothers.  Michael is divorced and from Cardiff, but has lived and worked in London for many years.  He too realises the difficulty they face but when they arrange to celebrate their first anniversary he decides to take their relationship a step further and proposes, with tragic results.

Set in vibrant Camden Town this fresh, modern day, thought provoking “Romeo and Juliet” has a breath-taking and disturbing climax that will leave you examining your own prejudices.

“The piece is excellent.”

“loved it”

“intelligently written”

“highly relevant right now”

An audio version is scheduled for release shortly.