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Waiting In The Wings - Three plays, Trick, Weekend Break and The Color of Love
Trailer Park Tales - Short stories
Postcards From The Road - Lyrics and poems
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall - Short stories
Tall Stories and Short Scripts - A collection of short stories and plays


Songwriter - A comprehensive collection of lyrics and poems
It's Not My First Rodeo - A definitive collection of short stories
Scenes From A Dream - Plays for stage and screen
Today Was Tomorrow Yesterday - poems, lyrics and photographs


The Colour Of Love - play
Weekend Break - play
Trick - play




A shot fired out on a cold January night leaves a resident of the trailer park lying dead on the steps leading up to his home, and suspicion soon turns to a woman who lives on the park and with whom he’d been having an affair, but it appears there were several other women captivated by his charm, turning the park into a hot bed of adultery, deceit, betrayal, jealousy and ultimately, murder.


Prom night promises to be a night when dreams come true for Becky and her boyfriend Max, but after a row with Max, she walks home alone and is brutally raped.  The night and the following years quickly turn into a nightmare for her as she fights for justice. 


Two mature sisters who live on the park are the total opposite of each other; one reserved, quiet and demure, the other sister outgoing and loud.  They constantly seem to argue as their lifestyles and outlook consistently clash, but their trailer is holding a deadly, dark secret.  How well do you know your neighbors?


Halloween, and many homes on the park are decorated accordingly with gravestones and skeletons.  For three young children, out ‘trick or treating’ around the park, it is a night they will never forget as they dare themselves to spend midnight in the small cemetery on the trailer park. 


Most evenings, especially through the warmer months, many kids play soccer on one of the several fields on the trailer park.  Friendly competition though turns into rivalry as two fathers decide to organize a match, on July 4, with their individual sons as captains of the opposing teams, the teams made up from other young people from the park.  It’s Mexico against the Rest of the World and the whole park come out to watch the match.  Game on! 


Like thousands before and after her, Jenny moves to Nashville to try and make it as a singer, but as her dreams slowly fade she finds herself totally controlled by the mysterious young woman who she shares a trailer with.  Reality leads to tragedy as Jenny spirals down out of control in a dark world of alcohol, drugs and prostitution.


In a desperate attempt to get money to fund their drug habit, a young couple resort to hijacking the school bus that picks up children from the park.  They manage to get the five young children back to their trailer; the plan is to make adult movies using the children, and then sell and move the children on, to another city, to continue in the sex industry.


Dancing With Shadows

Shooting Down The Harvest Moon

Published 2018

Coming Soon:

Dancing With Shadows (Blueberry Creek Book Co)

Eight cities - Paris, Nashville, Los Angeles, London, Stockholm, Cardiff, Memphis and New York; eight detectives - Jean-Baptiste Denis, Pickett “Pick” Blue, Haggard Wolf, Jackson Woods, Emilia Hoim, John Bedwyn Harvest, Trenton Church and Sam (Samantha) Longchild; eight stories of murder, racism, kidnap, betrayal, secrets, jealousy and greed.

Shooting Down The Harvest Moon (Manhattan House)

Former police detective John Bedwyn Harvest retires to the family farm in South Wales, following the murder of his wife, in an accident meant for him.  When his young niece though is kipnapped, John is coaxed out of retirement to help find the serial killer who is targeting young girls, raping them viciously and leaving them for dead.  His investigation brings him back into contact with many former colleagues and the criminals who run Cardiff’s underworld, including the man John believes was behind his wife’s murder.  It also opens up many memories and personal demons.

Trophy (Manhattan House)

A rare and unique opportunity to get inside the mind of a serial Killer.  Michael Pentz is responsible for at least fifteen rapes and murders that the authorities are aware of.  He eluded capture for over five years, moving across the Southern states, leaving a bloody trail of death behind him.  This is his diary from before he started his murderous travels to finally his capture and subsequent trial.

The Bicycle Repair Shop (Manhattan House)

London accountant, David Pritchard, goes through many changes as he reaches middle age - his marriage is falling apart and he is tempted by a co-worker.  He realizes he has played it ‘safe’  his whole life, never taking chances, compromising, settling.  He  then though rediscovers his relationship with his young son who has Aspergers, as they share a love of bicycles.