This is the view from my house facing West.

Even better than a license plate! 

AE's newest friend.

My wife and I were in an auto accident on September 20, 2007. Not fun. 

See my page about fixing wobbly mirrors in Classic Saab 900s. 

Check out where I went for vacation!

I have a brother

Red Hourglass


Here's a sneak peak at Ann-Elizabeth's new hardware!

Please visit Colorado Reptile Humane Society 

 I work at Custom Microwave Inc. as an RF Engineer/Project Manager.


I can often be found at Saabnet where I learn to fix my 900.


 Wanna see/hear our dogs play? Click here to see Porter play with Tachikoma. 

There are some real gems on Google video these days! 

If you like Flying Cars check out Jalopnik

Here's a new article about CoRHS's latest Open House

Read an old article. Or an even older one. Slightly newer article from UCAR