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I am trained to work with children and adolescents as a child psychotherapist. I also work with couples and families.

Couples often come to see me for help with their communication, or because they are facing a crisis. I can offer structures and skills for effective communication, so that each person is given space to both speak and be heard by the other, and to listen from a new perspective. Issues like betrayal and trust can be addressed in a safe, structured way. Anger and other emotions can be freely expressed, and new coping mechanisms and skills learnt that can deepen relationship. Couples counselling is a constructive step to finding a way forward.

My approach is integrative. This means that I think of human beings as having a unitive nature, with body, mind and spirit forming an indivisible whole. By accepting our bodies, and especially our 'symptoms', understanding them and including them in our way of living as much as our thoughts, feelings, moods and behaviour we can relate to ourselves, and to others in a healthy and balanced way. This approach is humanistic and existential.

I use sandtray, paints and other media, story and games to help younger children come to terms with difficulties in their lives. This may include family discord and break-ups. Older children and teenagers will often prefer a 'talking cure' to story and play therapy, but like adults may make use of both. I also see parents and children/adolescents together, to help them through difficult times, especially where families have split up, or blended. By providing a space where each person can be heard with respect, I can help families find new ways to get along with each other, and overcome breakdowns in communication. Fees: - I charge £45 per session for working with young people individually, and £60 for sessions involving more than one person.

Sessions are just under an hour long, unless longer is negotiated for a couple or family session.

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