I offer counselling and psychotherapy face to face in North Devon to individuals, and also couples, children and families. I am registered with the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) and work to the UKCP and BACP ethical guidelines. I also offer Skype, Zoom and telephone sessions for people further afield. I welcome enquiries from black and ethnic minorities as well as LGBTQ+. My counselling room is accessed by stairs. 

Therapy offers a safe, holding space for you to face life's challenges. In the safety of the therapeutic space you can explore the external situations you are dealing with, your internal responses, and discover more effective strategies to regain a sense of control and balance in your life. People often seek help when the picture they have of the world is no longer sufficient. Therapy is about finding a bigger, or better picture, one where you play an active, participative part. My approach includes listening to and understanding your experience, standing alongside your distress, helping you refind your lost resources, and learning new techniques to approach life's challenges. These may include breathing and relaxation exercises, mindfulness and relational skills. 

I can offer a single assessment session, brief therapy of a few sessions for an immediate problem, or longer-term work for longer-held or deeper issues. In short-term therapy we look at your immediate problems and help you see things more clearly, understand your feelings, and possibly others, in order to make quick changes. It is a way to get back on track, and release blocked energy. In longer-term therapy we will explore un-noticed aspects of your life and situation that will lead to a journey of discovery about your deeper self and the direction and meaning of your life. Longer-term therapy is an awakening to your own life and possibilities, and a way to making the most of your potential. It can help explain repeating patterns, and break old dysfunctional cycles. 

You choose the level you work at, and its duration. I suggest you start with a single session so you can assess me, and whether you can work with me. In any case we will hold reviews to ensure you are progressing towards your goals. 

Areas I address with you might include - anger, emotional problems, anxiety, bereavement, career, crisis, grief, depression,  life-crisis, loss, panic-attacks, parenting, relationships, stress, trauma, work issues, work-life balance. 


From London University I hold a BA in Sociology and a PGCE in teaching. 

From the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education I hold a certificate in Counselling, a diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy, and an MA in Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy (validated by De Montfort University). From CPPD I hold a Diploma in Clinical Supervision.

In 2016 I left Bedford Open Door Counselling Service for Young People, and Romans Field School in order to move to Devon and focus on life and work there. I moderate for the London Centre for Psychodrama as well as marking for Terapia. I work with survivors of sexual abuse at SAND, North Devon

Fees: - I charge £45-£50 for a session of just under an hour for an individual, and £60 for seeing more than one person.

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