The Therapy

Individual Therapy 

I integrate established methods of therapy; EG person centred or CBT. Individual therapy can enable you to navigate through change, manage anxiety, depression, anger, low self esteem, various life challenges like the end of a relationship or redundancy and many other difficulties. 

Relationship Therapy 

Difficult  family situations, stress at work, impact of affairs, communication issues, lack of confidence, bereavement loss and navigating through being a couple into a family unit are some of the factors that can have an impact on intimate relationships. In the assessment we can clarify the issues then using a range of therapeutic techniques work towards building a healthier and happier relationship. 

Psycho-sexual Therapy 

Erectile difficulties Loss of desire painful intercourse or premature ejaculation amongst other sexual difficulties affect the majority of relationships at some stage. When the problem is persistent psychosexual therapy can help. A structured programme, tailored specifically to your needs can help restore a fulfilling sexual relationship. 

" My partner and I have had both individual and couples sessions with Jo, and couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

 Jo is a very talented therapist and we always looked forward to our sessions. Jo is extremely knowledgeable, she was able to combine science, theory and experience with practical actions for us to work on.

 Jo always kept our conversations on track, remained neutral, and we felt like she always genuinely cared about us as people.

We’ve made huge progress on an individual level and as a couple, learning more about ourselves and each other, and we believe we have put the foundations in place to continue building a solid and happy life together ".

" Thank you for everything!”

Phoebe and Stephano

" The therapy sessions were so helpful, I am in a much  better place than when I started them. I look forward to my days now"


"My partner and I would highly recommend Jo. After a terrible tragedy in our lives Jo helped us start to live again, she helped us through the pain of heartbreak of loss and grief , what a bright guiding star she has been. If you need to reach out to a therapist don't hesitiate to reach out to Jo"

Ruben and Steph.

" We were fed up with going round the same circle in our relationship and had hit a really tough patch. Jo was able to facilitate conversations that usually ended in conflict and help us resolve some really difficult issues. We are both so glad we had our sessions, life and our relationship feels much more positive and happy now."

Simon and Lizzie.

" I have just completed some sessions with Jo and can honestly say it was such a positive experience. Jo helped me feel relaxed right from the first session, I liked her natural and authentic style." 


"I couldn't recommend Jo highly enough, she's helped me find my way out of a very dark place where I have been able to regain my self-esteem and sense of who I am as a person, without feeling judged and with warmth and empathy. She helps shine a clarifying light on many a confused, foggy thought that you can't seem to understand or find a way through. That insight has been totally invaluable and worth every penny".


"I first started seeing Jo when I began having issues that prevented me from engaging in a healthy sex life with my partner. Through my sessions, I learned to challenge the negative thoughts that were causing my problems, and I started to create positive experiences. This process has really helped to improve my confidence in myself, as well as with my partner, and has really enriched our physical and emotional intimacy. After years of suffering with my issues, I was finally able to address them in a healthy and positive way." 


"I came to Jo for help with managing my emotions and improving my connection with my partner. She has been an incredible help and has worked with me consistently and patiently to build and implement strategies for being more open to my feelings in my day to day life and for expressing these in my relationship in a healthy way. Both I and my partner have been able to see the improvements I have made since I started talking to Jo, I would not have made such progress without her support and insight." 


"I wanted to thank you for your amazing support this year. They say you always remember a good teacher and how they leave an imprint on your life, and I believe the same can be said for a good therapist. You really have helped me turn 'my head' around. Thank you so much and I will forever be grateful!"


"I was very apprehensive about having therapy as I had tried a few sessions when I was a teenager and found it didn't work for me. I'm so glad I booked in with Jo, she put me at ease straight away and made sense out of all the confusion I was facing. Jo guided me through some life changing decisions and gave me strategies that really helped I am now in a much better place thanks to my sessions with Jo."