Welcome to the Johnson County Sailing Society.

The Johnson County Sailing Society was started in 1969 by some avid, but low key racers  to promote the sport of sailing. 

The Johnson County Sailing Society teaches both on and off the water sailing classes through Johnson County Parks and Recreation District (www.JCPRD.com). To our knowledge, this is one of the few, if not only sailing programs in the KC area for adults that features both classroom and on the water sailing lessons.

In addition to Saturday lessons through most of the Spring and Summer months, the club features mixed fleet racing on Sundays from all dinghy classes with a concentration in Sunfish and Sweet 16s. There are also Viking, Coronado, Dolphin, Albacore, Snipe, even a sailboard or two. Portsmouth handicaps are used to keep the boats reasonably equal between classes.

If you are looking for an opportunity to experience the thrill of recreational sailing, racing, or friendship with folks who share your interest in sailing - this club may be a good fit for you.

Join us on most any non-holiday Sunday for racing, or check our Google calendar (linked below), for other dates when we get together as sailors to experience the thrill of the tiller, wind, and water.



Please note that, for signups, it may take up to an hour before your name shows up on the calendar event. Your name must be on the event for it to be official. If your name doesn't show up under the associated calendar event, ensure that (1) you are a club member, and (2) for rentals, there are still sufficient boats remaining, under the calendar event.

If your signup does not register after approximately one hour, please email secretary@jocosailing.com for assistance.

Join our mailing list here: https://groups.io/g/JoCoSailing. Once you join the mailing list you will be able to keep up with our club.