I'm Dr. John P. Falcone. Hello, and welcome to my website! The tabs above will direct you to past projects, writings, and outlines of the courses I have taught. The Lectio Visceralis tab introduces you to the theory and practice of embodied spiritual reflection. Upcoming Programs details different lectio visceralis offerings: prayer services, stand-alone workshops, workshop series, and retreats.

| John P. Falcone Resume |

I grew up in the Bronx – the child of working-class immigrants. My parents left their post-war hill-top village in Central Italy, and finally landed in the US. My teachers have included hard-working Roman Catholic nuns; Jesuits committed to liberation theology; and Protestant theologians in love with justice and Scripture.

Today I’m an Episcopalian and a Practical Theologian with a rich background in teaching, ministry, organizing, and pastoral care. I’ve worked in AIDS ministry; community-based mental health; and high school, college, seminary, and parish educational settings.

In my practice, I pay close attention to where people are coming from, and I create supportive and challenging settings where you can think and act in new ways. My courses, prayer services, workshops, and retreats will engage you in mind, body, and spirit.

My goal is to put prayer, learning, and leadership in the hands of each of us – right where it belongs. Experts (like me) can be helpful, but real wisdom – and the power to change things – cannot be bought or transmitted. It can only be nurtured and liberated, because it comes from inside. My practice makes resources available; it helps you rediscover your own creativity; and it offers some powerful methods; so that you can go where the Spirit is calling.

One of the most important methods I share is lectio visceralis. This practice of prayer and reflection roots conversations about race, class, gender, and healing in our hearts and our bodies, as well as our minds.

Thank you for reading about me and my practice. Feel free to be in touch! I am happy to chat by email or on Zoom. My programs are available online and in-person.