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Please know that I can quickly put together any type combo of musicians for nearly any event. if you are considering something special please ask!

I have over 150 videos posted on Youtube. Many of myself with various bands, but many other types such as historical and several other great guitarists such as Jerry Hahn, Henry Johnson, Danny Gatton and

I use the top of the line Taylor acoustic guitars with a special electric pickup added for deeper bass and tone. I also use special guitar picks that give me an advantage! I use the super heavy 1.52mm Acetal Polymer rounded triangle picks from

I also use a Boomerang Phrase Sampler Looper which allows live groove jamming! In addition, I use a vocal harmonizer on select songs which fill in beautiful harmonies

If you are here considering booking me - I promise excellence and superb music for any event or crowd!

My live solo performances have been described as more of "artistry in music" as I have noticed that many others interupt their performances with long stretches of silence between songs. I have developed a much more pleasant sound of each song which flows and fades into the next similar to a disc jockey. (I used to be one in radio for 14 years) Plus I use my music director experience and read each crowd carefully to determine which song/era to flow into fits just right.

Send me an email and I promise fast same day replies.