John Boda is a long-time pro singer-guitarist extraordinaire! Born and raised just outside Chicago in the suburb of Riverside, he started performing professionally in the 1980's while living in the Western U.S. He was in many groups and toured the country full time as the lead guitarist-vocalist with a variety of rock-R&B bands in 1986, and upon the conclusion of the tour, he moved back to his roots in the Chicago area and has been here ever since in many bands and duo combinations.

His current band is called - Nebula Forming - a three piece powerhouse of rock-pop-groove classic to current hits plus many original songs as well. His current duo is - MC2 - featuring an excellent small kit drummer Tim Wilsey. Largely, he performs as a solo artist, but with a big sound!

John Boda using a Boomerang Phrase Sampler which allows for live multi-track lead jams and more in concert, along with a vocal harmonizer and digital drums on select songs. His repertoire covers many decades of great songs even up to more current ones, and every song takes on his own flavor and style. Many surprises are in store as some familiar songs are revealed in a little different style, groove or time signature making it all very exciting and beyond the usual and typical same old songs most perform.

John Boda has written many songs also and has recorded CD's and videos posted of some of these.

In addition to his rock-pop-R&B concerts, he also performs as one of Chicago's finest entertainers for the senior market specializing in great standards and multi-media presentations of both music and history.