Learning in a connected world

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1.  Preparation

(to be done before the contact session)

Find out what Rhizome Theory is.
In preparation for the learning event, reflect on the implications for teaching learning of the six principles of the rhizome.
Here is my Blog on the topic.
Click Here to access the relevant Wikipedia page. 


2. Learning outcome 

(The live contact session begins here.)

The stated outcome of this learning event is for us to be able to:

  • Use technology to increase learner engagement taking into consideration different learning environments and learner competencies.

    • Use technology to create a stimulating environment liked with blended learning where learners take responsibility for their own learning.

    • Assist with the design of a system that can evolve into a blended learning environment.

3.  What do we know already?

What are the current trends in learning? 
Exchange ideas with people close to you, and then contribute to the list by filling in the form that is linked below.

4. So how do we motivate learners in a connected environment?

  1. Working as an individual, tear a piece of paper so that it has two smooth edges, two rough edges, and a hole through it.
  2. In groups of three, tear a paper circle with a hole through it. Negotiate a set of criteria to determine who has torn the best circle. Write the winner's name on the best circle and submit it for the class level competition.
  3. In groups of three, take one piece of paper, tear it into strips, and weave the strips into a mat. Ensure that all three members of the group participate at all times.
  4. Reflect on the suitability of four dimensions of motivation for rhizomatic learning.

5. Integrating it all 

Follow the link below to rate the extent to which this presentation has integrated constructivist and objectivist learning principles.

Click here to rate the level of integration                                 

6. Over to you
The link below will take you to a two-way assessment and evaluation form.  In the multiple-choice section you will get the opportunity to rate the learning event in which you have just participated. In the open-ended section you will be asked to apply your newly gained knowledge and skills to suggest how you would go about developing rhizomatic learning experiences.

7. Further reading or viewing

A good place to start reading about learning in the early part of the 21st Century is

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