Report Writing for Results
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  • Pretoria, 28, 29 May 2009

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This two-day workshop is aimed at people who were trained to do real work, but who have ended up writing reports.  If you already know how to write well, but want to write for results, then this course is for you. In this course you will learn:

  • How to get started by determining the purpose of your report so that you can ensure the correct follow-up action.
  • How to organise your data gathering so that you can be sure all your facts are accurate and relevant.
    How to structure your thinking by writing the executive summary first.
  • How to ensure that they read what you write, believe what you say, and do what you recommend.

Course Outline

Asking the right questions
1. How much are you paying?
2. What must the do after having read it?
3. Why must they do it?
4. What?s in it for us?
5. What?s in it for them?

Getting the information
1. The instruments
2. The procedures
3. The data processing
4. The interpretation

All in a nutshell
1. The title
2. The executive summary

Getting them to read it ? The Introduction
1. How to write a striking introduction
2. How to pre-sell information
3. How to give an overview

Getting them to believe it ? The methodology
1. How to match the method with the question
2. How to ensure validity
3. How to produce reliable results

Keeping them interested ? The findings
1. Various ways of structuring findings
2. Using graphics and tables to portray findings visually
3. Devices for maintaining interest

Getting them to think ? The conclusions
1. The difference between a summary and a conclusion
2. How to draw conclusions from various findings
3. Common logical errors and faulty reasoning

Getting the to act ? The recommendations
1. How to base the recommendations on the conclusions
2. How to present recommendations credibly
3. How to encourage acceptance of your recommendations
4. How to change their minds so that they think it was their idea in the first place.