Better Business English
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  • Pretoria 26, 27 May 2009. Email me for enrolment forms.

This two-day course is aimed at people in the technical, engineering and related fields whose first language is not English, but who have to do most of their written work in English.  It takes learners through the writing process, from selecting the correct word, through constructing good sentences and paragraphs to writing memos, letters, agendas and minutes.

  • Ways with words: General vocabulary, spelling, words often confused, choice of words
  • Sensible sentences: Ingredients of a good sentence, simple and complex sentences typical errors in sentences
  • Powerful paragraphs: How to structure paragraphs for easy reading, how to arrange individual paragraphs for best effect, and construct an argument out of your paragraphs.
  • Perfect précis: How to cut out unnecessary wordiness. When is it too short?
  • Careful correspondence: Enquiry, reply, complaint, adjustment, order, confirmation; how to get your point across; how to get results.
  • Magical meetings: Notices, Agendas, Minutes.
Here are three interesting sites containing the sort of work we cover

The elements of style by William Strunk Jr

The king's English by H.W. Fowler

The Plain Engish Campaign